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Team Building Events With A Difference

Team building events are very popular among organizations of all kinds. Whether it is a multinational company, a non-government organization, a start-up, or a government agency, anywhere where people are required to work in teams require team building events to ensure that they bond well and work well! After a while though, these events can become stale and monotonous, which can result in the opposite effect – people becoming mentally aloof and uninterested! To avoid this, you need to conduct team building events with a difference.

Team building events, when organized differently, will definitely not fail to deliver the desired results! For any team building event to be successful, it has to have creative activities that require ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, inspire people, bring out enthusiasm in them, encourage people to communicate with others, get them out of their comfort zones, and get even the most reticent people to actively participate without feeling stressed.

Here are some ideas for you to do this successfully:

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  • Building activities: Giving each team a challenge to build a structure from scratch (with the help of the required tools and materials, of course). This would require them to put their heads together, communicate, arrive at a consensus, lead, follow, and build together, just like they build a new company or build successful relationships among themselves.
  • Building activities

  • Treasure hunts: These will inevitably break the ice and bring out the fun side of everyone. You need to put aside differences and work as a team in order to win and there can’t be any individual winners in this as it’s the team that wins at the end!
  • Treasure_hunts

  • Cooking and baking: Nothing binds people together more effectively and warmly than food. This is as true of a team at work as it is of a family. This gives teams the opportunity to designate work, cook and bake together, and enjoy the fruits of their labor thereafter.
  • cooking_baking

  • Fundraising for a favorite charity: Tapping into the humanitarian and charitable aspects of people’s nature is one of the most successful ways to build teams and forge solid relationships. When people know that they are contributing to something greater than themselves, and for people that are in genuine need, and they see the difference they can make in the lives of others, they will naturally forget all differences and work together as a team. This is one of the most powerful ways to make people forget petty rivalries and competition and work towards a common goal, which they can then carry over into their corporate environment as well!
  • Fundraising for a favorite charity

  • Team dance or Singing / Karaoke competitions: This can take one back to the good old days of university and help people unwind while letting them unleash their hidden talents. Even the not-so-talented can be helped to shake off their inhibitions and just have fun while being cheered on by their teammates.
  • Team dance or Singing

  • Fashion shows: This is also an activity that unleashes the right brain side of most left-brained people and is a great activity to do with techies! For more fun, ask males to do the catwalk like females. 😉
  • fashion_show

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