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How to Market Your Venue for Rentals

No matter how attractive your venue is or the kind of premium location it is located in, what is important is that it is rented out on a regular basis to the right people at the right price.

Venue Discovery – How easy it is for people to find out about your venue is the key! Effective marketing helps you attract and acquire the right customers – people who are looking for a venue such as yours and will be willing to pay you the right rental too. While there are a lot of marketing opportunities, both online and offline, selecting the best ones and executing right on an ongoing basis is required to achieve great business results.

Marketing your venue for rentals and marketing other products and services have several things in common. Understand your target audience to plan systematic and precise marketing to attract them. Alluring content with visuals that clearly represent the space that you are marketing is some of the essential elements you need to work upon.

Planning an Event?

For online marketing, choose platforms/websites like VenueLook.com that showcase your venue to the right audience, are user-friendly and responsive to mobile devices (many people browse the net on their smartphones).

“If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy. – Jim Metcalf”

Some more ideas to consider while marketing your venue for rentals –

Photos and Videos

The first thing that event hosts (venue seekers) look for when hunting for rental space is the photographs. Photographs and videos of your space should give them a good realistic idea about your space, just like they would get if they were visiting it in person. For this reason, it is a good idea to click and publish pictures as if you were giving a tour of your space in person. Make sure you capture the space when the light is at its best and also show how it looks at night. Take pictures of all the areas – entrance, lobby, spaces, rooms from different angles and show how they connect with each other.


Describe your venue in a personalized and warm manner, giving details that would attract people. Don’t limit yourself to just the bare statistics, such as square footage and other amenities. Give them a feel of what it would be like to host an event in that space!

Good References

Make sure you let your potential renters know if any high-profile companies or organizations or individuals had once rented your space, even if you don’t have a testimonial from them. This will instantly boost the appeal of your venue.

Latest Content and Contact Details

Ensure that the online portfolio of your venue has all the information and pictures that are up to date. Also ensure that your contact information, phone number, email address, etc., are all provided and are active.

Directions, Landmarks

Help people reach your venue with directions, nearby metro station, etc.

Event Types that can be hosted

Publish the kind of events that your venue is best-suited to host with photos.

Visual Tours / 360-degree views

Take advantage of the latest in digital technology to incorporate virtual tours on your webpage. Ensure that it has the highest production values and good camera work.

Publish Availability Calendar

Share the availability of your venue to host events on your marketing platforms. This will make people more open to renting your venue as they know that it is available on the dates that they want.

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