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Temperature is Forty ! Get Ready for Pool Party!

It’s time to say HELLO to SUMMERS! Alongside sun, we welcome the summer vacation, extended summer days and lazy afternoons. Summertime is the perfect time to be adventurous and plan a get-together with family and friends. In this scorching summer heat, to keep cool, it is better to party in the pool!

To-do list to host a pool party

To plan a pool party and make it a grand success, following tips and tricks have a great significance.

Planning an Event?

  1. Decide the day: First and foremost, decide a date and time for your party. Choose a date on which your family and friends can be easily available.
  2. Make a guest list: It might happen that we forget to invite someone due to the party arrangements. We obviously don’t want to end up in this situation. To avoid this, it is necessary to make a list of guests. Make sure you revise it at least twice before sending the invites.
  3. Decide a cool theme for your pool party: Guests always get pumped up by snappy themes. Make their experience a memorable one by fresh and happening themes.
  4. Select a venue: The venue for your party is the first thing that guests notice. So, select a remarkable dazzling venue which is easily reachable to your guests. To make your search for a venue a very smooth and pleasant experience, you must search for pool party venues online. You can get a sheer variety of splashy pool party venues across Delhi-NCR very easily.
  5. Healthy and mouth-watering food with refreshing drinks: Limit high-fat foods and instead try to offer plenty of breadsticks, fruits and vegetables with salsa dip, mini muffins, or pizza. Kids love cookies. Try to make cookies in different shapes to make them look more tempting and appealing. Use multi-tier serving dishes to give that chic touch. Offer plenty of finger foods that are easy to pick and eat with refreshing drinks. And don’t forget to offer ice-creams for desserts!                                                                                                            
  6. Arrange an enormous variety of thrilling and exciting activities: Since it is a pool party, water games are a must. You can opt for:
  • Water volleyball
  • Pool basketball
  • Treasure hunt: Hide anything that goes with your theme in a large pool filled with sand. It’s fun to play this exciting game.
  • Amazing relay races: Organize new and silly races like ‘egg in spoon race’, ‘hold the water balloon between your knees race’. It is hilarious and wonderful to watch and participate in these races.
  • Spin the bottle game and Pass the water balloon game: In the latter, the person who has the balloon, after the music is off, has to do something interesting. In spin, the bottle game, person whose side, the mouth of the bottle stops after spinning the bottle, has to do something that other says.
  • MUSIC: Turn up the music, because it’s party time! Select a wide range of party songs. Party is nothing without good music. 
  1. Figure out what to wear: You are the host of the party. You deserve to get a lot of compliments. So, look your best. Do not forget any essentials. Get all the things you need- bathing suit, sunglasses, flip-flops, cute tote bag, body lotion, and the list go on!
  2. Don’t forget to have fun! It happens a lot when you are throwing a party. With loads of responsibilities, you miss the action around you. On the day of the party, don’t worry too much. Remember the party is planned to relax your mind and body. So, enjoy it!

I hope all these tips will help you by throwing a memorable pool party for your guests.

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