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Fun Summer Pool Party Ideas

Our favorite time of the year is officially here! Summers are the perfect time to sit by the pool, kick your shoes off, make some margaritas, and relax by the pool. As the temperature gets warmer, there is no better way to cool off as well as have a great time with friends and family, other than organizing an awesome pool party. Be it drinks, games, decor, fun floats, or even party ideas for different times of the day, we’ve got you covered. So, get your speakers excited and playlists ready because it’s time to have an unforgettable summer. Here’s a list of what you need for the ultimate pool day or night.

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Invest in Some Durable Lounge Pool Floats

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If you are the type of person that would like to be a part of the fun but isn’t very fond of the water, a lounge pool float is a perfect investment for you. These floats help you float in the water, are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, and are designed to be supportive for hours of summer lounging. You may get a lazy chair float which comes with a built-in cup holder, and all it requires you to do is relax.
If you are the photogenic type and would like to go for something Instagram worthy, you can always get a funky-shaped float like a yacht pool float or even a unicorn float for that matter. Your guests will love these if you plan on throwing a pool party. You may also get a cute little floaty for your pets and let them in on the fun!

Involve Everyone in Different Games

The best part of pool parties hands down is the fun competitive games. Spilled your guests up into teams and play volleyball, basketball, or dodgeball in the water. You may also set up an obstacle course to make things interesting and fun. These games get everyone involved including the kids and are a great way to bond with your guests!

Have a Cocktail Bar

You can set up a super cute cocktail bar to serve colorful fruity cocktails. You may prepare beforehand by chopping up fruit, preparing big jugs of cocktails, and refrigerating them until the guests arrive. This will save you time and money and you won’t have to invest in a bartender.

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Put Up Lights by the Pool

Pool parties usually last till dusk and are a full-day affair, so as it gets darker you can put up warm lights around the pool and set a calm mellow vibe as everyone ends their day of fun. These can be fairy lights or even small lights in different shapes scattered around the pool or on the lawn.

Different Seating Areas

You can also set up different seating areas for your guests to get comfortable in. Set loads of colorful pillows and cushions with different patterns to give a nice homey look to your outdoor setting. Look for pillows with fabric that is easy to clean as they might get dirty quickly.

Decorate with Balloons

Decorating with balloons is also a great idea, you can choose cool aqua colors and light pastel colors in shades of pink and white to pull the look together.

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Provide Towels and Shade

There is never enough shade at a pool party on a hot summer day, so make sure you get some extra patio umbrellas to provide your guests with shade and keep plenty of towels at arm’s length as everyone will be moving in and out of the pool to get snacks and drinks quite often.

Serve Fresh Cooling Snacks

The best thing to go along with fruity cocktails is fresh cooling snacks, like fresh fruits, crackers and cheese, and ice cream. Since it’s a pool party people wouldn’t want to go for heavy or messy dishes. So go for light summer recipes, chilled salads, and desserts.

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A Fire-pit for an Evening Pool Party

If you plan on having an evening pool party, the weather tends to get slightly chilly, so you may have a small chic fire pit with comfy seating around which your guests can get warm and share stories.

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Have a Chill-out Zone

After a long day of eating, swimming, and partying, your guests may need a place to relax and rest, so offer the comfiest seating available, with plenty of shade and cute pillows.

Create a Sunscreen Station


Being out in the sun all day may cause tanning and skin problems, especially for those with sensitive skin. Hence setting up a cute sunscreen station will not only remind your guests to reapply sunscreen, but it will also protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Have Waterproof Phone Cases at Reach

You can also invest in a couple of waterproof phone pouches or covers so that your guests can take turns clicking pictures in the water without worrying about their phones getting damaged.

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