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The Great Indian Wedding Choreography! 

A wedding is a family celebration incomplete without singing and dancing and it isn’t surprising to know that all family members enjoy the wedding songs and dances irrespective of their age or relation. Earlier people used to dance in whatever they could and they tried to dance like actors and actresses. Every family has a few members who can dance well. These people used to give a performance on popular songs or songs demanded by the guests. 

Today wedding planners provide all assistance from song selection to makeup and preparing the dance floor to choreography. If you are planning a wedding, you can also choose a wedding choreography that matches your wedding theme.

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Here’re A Few Ideas For Wedding Choreography

  1. The Celebrities

I won’t call it bride and groom as it is your choice but it better suits the wedding couple. And there are plenty of options in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies for your dance performance. Most people choose Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming at the ball but you need to make it a little different from the original and others. You need to work with your choreographer to improve the performance and make it unique.

  1. Bollywood Hungama

A wedding demands attention and patience. Here you need to give time to things and there are many things to decide. But it doesn’t mean that you should cut short the time to practice your dance performance. And there is little need to do an item number when you are too busy with your preparation to prepare for a dance. You can choose a slow-moving classic song where your family members can also participate or go for a group song with your friends.

  1. Flashback

If you are considering a dance performance that is both unique and professional then consider Flashy Flash Mobbing. It is a new tradition in the country and it has caught the attention of families. The best time for the performance is when the groom enters the venue. The bride’s gang can give a memorable performance on a decent Flash Mob proposal for the wedding couple. Your family members shouldn’t have any objection to this dance performance.

  1. Story Telling

Keep something for everyone so others also get an opportunity to show their skills. For example, take poetry. If you know a family member who is good at poetry, you can encourage him/her to give a musical performance at your wedding. Similarly, there could be storytelling or any other solo performance. Storytelling is an art that you can improve with background music. Also, you can allow the guests to demand stories.

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  1. Read My Gestures

I have improved the idea from lip-dub to gestures to make it more interesting. And you don’t need much practice or preparation for this performance. It can be based on popular Bollywood songs, traditional wedding songs, and folk songs. Also, you can make it solo or group. If you want to enhance the performance, you can convert it into a competition among the guests. 

  1. Let’s Dance Like A Pro

Today it is common for parents to send their kids to dance classes. You will also find kids trained in dancing at your wedding. And the only thing you need to do is to give direction to those kids. First, make a list of the kids trained in dancing and then check their performance. Or you can hire a professional choreographer to guide and train your guests for a dance performance. Here you can make a dance group by including family members, friends, and even close neighbors.

  1. Dance Floor

Uniquely designing your dance floor is a great idea to encourage guests to take to dancing. Set a wooden floor with LED lighting to make it look like a dance floor. Or you can try any other idea. If you don’t have any hesitation in spending a little more money on creating a dance floor, you can hire a wedding planner to create a dance floor. Or you can try doing it on your own by taking ideas from YouTube videos. Also, your friends can give ideas for creating a unique dance floor.

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  1. DJ

If you are running short on funds but don’t want to deny an opportunity to your family members and friends then you should hire a DJ and ask the professional to help. An experienced DJ can suggest a song that is both popular and simple to imitate. Also, the DJ will make the settings needed to give a stunning performance. And hiring a DJ won’t cost you much.

  1. Ladies Sangeet

It is when all the females of the family sit together and enjoy singing and dancing. You can provide them assistance in selecting dresses and making background settings to improve their performance. 

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