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Celebrating Birthday Encanto Style!

Does your child enjoy Disney Encanto? Here is a suggestion for a fantastic birthday party for your little child. Wondering what is Disney Encanto? Well, many individuals were encouraged to be true to themselves and understand what family is all about when they talk about the well-known Disney film Encanto, which you may have seen as a child. Nowadays numerous birthday celebrations with entertaining music, giving an overall Latin-American feel, and vibrant decorations are also inspired by it. Additionally, it is relatable and the ideal option for a particular event due to its attraction to individuals of all ages. 

Give Your Birthday Celebration a Vibrant Look

Disney Encanto film’s vivid colours provide a foundation on which you may base the entire gathering for a birthday celebration. Pink and orange and electric blue, lime green, and pink are popular colour combinations for Encanto parties you can think of when planning birthday celebrations of your young ones. More so, lavender, deep purple, and white are great choices if you like a more subdued colour scheme. Whatever colours you decide on, make sure to use them consistently throughout the entire event, from invitations to party favours. 

Planning an Event?

Food Catering 

Pick food and drink options depending on the movie Disney Encanto, then put your favourite scene on the birthday cake for even more theme-specific fun. 

Plan Activities for Kids Engagement

Include activities and games that mirror different movie sequences, and send visitors off with festive favours. 

Home as a Birthday Party Venue 

Your home is the perfect location for this event, even though it’s not the magical Casita from the movie Encanto. Your magical family home serves as both the venue for their exquisite birthday celebrations and award presentations. For this event, nothing compares to the comfort of your own home.

Decorate the Party Lawn

To recreate the magic of the movies, decorate the open lawn outside area with brilliant flowers, colourful balloons, and fairy lights. The open backyard of your house is a fantastic birthday party venue since it offers plenty of space for games, party activities, and a welcoming party atmosphere in general.

Celebrating in Your Kid’s Favourite Restaurant 

Encanto was very much about food, especially since Julieta’s cooking could heal people. You may go ahead and make a reservation at your preferred eatery or reserve a private room to host your celebration in a more private setting. Depending on the kid’s preference, this can be planned and executed well.

Scavenger Hunt 

Since Maribel looked for her gift in the movie, a scavenger hunt is undoubtedly the ideal party activity during the celebration. Use your imagination to create your own scavenger hunt or download and print one with an Encanto theme and surprise the kids with fun activities.

Conducting a Talent Show for Kids 

Every kid is unique in his or her own ways, everyone possesses a unique talent. By organising a talent show, you can inspire individuals to share their special talents, whether they are singing, juggling, or pronouncing the alphabet backward. Set up a stage, hire an emcee or DJ, and up the show for fun.

Preparing Hats 

It would be wonderful to have older kids make the party hats mimic the ones in Mirabel’s basket.

Pinning Tail on Donkey 

In the movie, Luisa uses her strength, a gift she was given, to assist people all across the hamlet, even carrying donkeys. At this gathering, pinning the tail on a donkey would be far more entertaining than lifting them.

Do remember that this Encanto theme birthday celebration is most suited for a 7-year-old and her first-grade kids. The kids are the only audience for attending this party. This is not entirely based on Disney theme or in a culturally authentic manner. 

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