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Unique Wedding Cake Ideas for a Bride-to-be!

Do you need some ideas for wedding cakes for brides to be? Worry not! We got you covered! Here we present you a few popular wedding cake trends for the brides-to-be, so stop searching. For a stunning display that complements your wedding’s style, we have unique and exciting cake ideas. These wedding cake decoration ideas help you create a cake that fits your wedding style!

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Classic Wedding Cake 

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A white cream wedding cake is typically the most conventional wedding cake design in use since ages. White vanilla buttercream, which is applied to the outside of traditional wedding cakes with an icing spatula, has long been a staple and one of the most preferred cake options by many. 

Fresh Floral Cake 

Consider a floral wedding cake if you are planning your wedding in the spring season of the year. Consider this cake option if your wedding theme heavily features flowers. This is cake is different as the baker adds a design element to your wedding cake using fresh flowers and gives it a floral look of the spring season. 

Winter Style Cake 


If you’re having a winter wedding, use the season as the inspiration for your decor! You can get a multi-tiered cake covered in wintery hues to give it the look and feel of the season. You could also adopt or simulate snow with powdered sugar. 

Scantily Clad Cakes 


The idea of completely skipping the icing on the cake is now increasingly popular among brides who are having weddings with a rustic theme. This cake option is the newest and most popular trend in wedding cake designs and it is popularly known as scantily clad cake. This cake style provides cake’s corners that are visible and the entire wedding cake is essentially unadorned. It is frivolous and fondant is not used at this point. 

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Gold Design Cakes

Some brides-to-be would prefer a gold wedding cake over other cake options. Your wedding cake’s elegant metal sheen will serve as a decorative element at your reception. Gold glitters and is a perfect choice for many. 

Antique Cakes

For those couples who would opt for an outdoor or a wedding in the farmhouse setting, they can refer to this wedding cake for their rustic wedding. Wooden features are typical for places like these. Making your cake design resemble a tree stump is one rustic wedding cake design that is quite popular among brides to be. Cakes made to resemble tree stumps are cute, especially if you include a design element that makes it appear as though you and your partner etched your initials on it.

Unique Modern Design Cake 

Make your cake stand out by choosing a unique design if your wedding has a modern or contemporary theme. The bride-to-be would like this naked cake which has frosting from the outside. You can ask the bakery to spread a layer of frosting over the cake. They can also remove some of it with a spatula, and then leave a thin coating of remaining icing. Perfect choice for every bride-to-be. 

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Modest Cakes for Brides-to-be

You can pick and choose from modest cake designs. If you want a straightforward wedding cake, then this is the design for you. Any wedding color choice will look good with a minimalist cake. A miniature wedding cake can be your best option for brides-to-be who don’t want a huge one. Given that wedding cake costs may be rather costly, this is a perfect option if you want to stay within your budget but still have a wedding cake with simplicity.

Bronze Cakes

The newest style in bridal color schemes is hues of bronze. Bronzes can be a feature on your spectacular wedding cake if bronze elements are used at the ceremony and reception.

Chocolate Wedding Cake Topper

The adorable components of your wedding cake are the toppers on the chocolate cake. Nowadays, it’s difficult to get hand-painted cake toppers in the traditional style, but there are lots of other possibilities that are more common. Add more fun by choosing a contemporary “Mr. and Mrs.” topper or a custom-made one instead of the conventional bride and groom cake topper!

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For A-Z of wedding planning and decorations, contact us at weddings.venuelook.com.

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