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Get Your Little Ones Moving With 15+ Fun Indoor Exercise Games

Every kid dreads the word ‘exercise’ and jumps with ecstasy at the word ‘games’. How about incorporating both into one and get your kids moving? Whether it is raining cats and dogs outside or you haven’t got any time to hit the park, these fun exercise ideas are a sure-shot way to keep your kids entertained while being a splendid way of spending quality time with your little ones. 

Moreover, you are in luck even if your living space is relatively small, this exhaustive list of 15+ indoor exercise games can be integrated into any kind of space— all you need is ample energy and a fun spirit. They are guaranteed to get you giggling and laughing with your kids after trying out only a few. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get in gear! 

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1. Rope Jumping with Kids

This one’s pretty simple. All you need is a jumping rope and a time and place where you do not have neighbours complaining about bouncing people on the roof. Skip away with your little ones. You could play music to time your jumps or hold a friendly competition to see who can do more hops in one minute. 

2. Scavenger Hunt with Kids

Hide clues around the house and get everyone involved to go for a scavenger hunt! The one to finish first could get an edible treat in the end. You could go for a different theme every time — think finding the dinosaur egg in the house in a Jurassic themed Scavenger hunt or something as simple as finding the hidden edible treat! 

3. Science Experiments with Kids

This one’s fun for all ages and it’s a great way to hone the kids’ creativity and intellect. Arrange for easy to do at-home science experiments, and make sure to explain the whole science part of it to get your kids interested and curious during the entire activity. 

4. Baking with Kids

No kid can say no to desserts and treats and baking is a great way to instil in them the spirit of being their own cook. You can bake easy-bake cupcakes together or make chocolates in the shape of different animals. Later, you could open a pretend bakery and “sell” these off to the family members using fake monopoly money (that’s a great way of teaching them how to use currency as well). Sure, it’s going to get messy with the little one but it’s definitely going to give you a memory to cherish in the years to come. 

5. Animal Races with Kids

This one’s pretty obvious. Think hop-racing as frogs or galloping like horses. You don’t necessarily need a large space or outdoors for this one. You can easily make do with a small corridor outside or a sufficiently lengthy space inside the house (just make sure to remove any obstacles and be wary of sharp ends on furniture).

6. Balloon Ball Playing with Kids

Blow up a balloon with your kid and play something like volleyball without a net. The whole point of the game is to not let the balloon drop or burst. The one who fails to do so loses. Pretty simple, eh?

7. Hide ‘n’ Seek Game with Kids

Oh, the game every childhood is incomplete without. This one needs no explanation. If you’re a family of 4 or more people, Hide ‘n’ Seek is your go-to game! And the ones with toddlers already know the art of pretending not to see the little feet or hear the giggles behind the curtains. 

8. Statue Dance with Kids

This one’s the most fun game on the list involving dancing and laughter. One person acts as the leader, who is also in charge of playing and stopping the music. The leader stands in one end of the room while the others on the other end and then he/she turns their back to the others and plays the music while the others have to dance and slowly move towards them. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to freeze in the position they are. The leader then turns around to see ‘statues’ and their sole job is to make them laugh (no tickling allowed). The one who bursts into laughter first, loses and in turn becomes the leader starting the game all over again. 

9. Jumping Jacks / Jumping Kids

Make this exercise fun by jumping to music or holding healthy competitions to see who can do the maximum number of jumping jacks. You can also ask the little ones to jump while reciting their favourite poem/ singing their favourite song.

10. Bursting Bubbles with Kids

This one’s probably the easiest one on the list. All you need is a bubble maker and a toddler who loves to burst some bubbles. You can also take turns by becoming the toddler yourself. 

11. Tickle Attack – Kids love it!

Jump on the bed and tickle each other till your stomach hurts. 

12. Hallway Bowling with Kids

Get out on the hallway of your building or choose a lengthwise space inside the house. Fill up water bottles to act as skittles, take a ball (any ball should do, even the Cosco ones) and get bowling! Keep a score tab to see who gets the most skittles in one round. 

13. Kids Race to Spick and Span

Ask the little ones to run around the house or a room and clean it up. The one that gets the most stuff in place the quickest, wins! What a great way to instil the spirit of cleaning while making it fun at the same time. 

14. Kids’ Hopscotch

Another game every childhood is incomplete without is hopscotch! Draw the boxes on the ground using chalk. Number them up and let the fun begin. This one never gets old or boring!

15. Pushing for Popcorns!

Pushups are a great exercise to build upper body strength and get the heart racing. Fill a bowl with popcorn, lower yourself down to get a popcorn piece, put it aside, and push back up. Repeat till you can. The one to get the most popcorn pieces wins. (Do not eat the popcorn while exercising as it can become a choking hazard. You can always hog on the remaining popcorns in the bowl later).

16. Darkroom Games with Kids

This childhood favourite is more or less like hide and seeks but with a twist. You get everyone inside a room, make them choose where to hide after everyone’s done hiding one person switches the lights off and the denner of the game enters the Darkroom and tries to find everybody. When playing with the little ones, make sure there are no sharp objects lying around.

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