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7 Things Without Which Lohri is Incomplete!

Festival of harvest Lohri is just around the corner, and we know that you must be busy with the arrangements. It is believed that Lohri marks the end of the cold winter, and people start looking forward to the wonderful spring season. As per the research, nearly every culture in the world celebrates festivals related to harvest, praying to fertility goddesses, making offerings of food and valuable items. Just like other people in the world, Indian celebrates the season of harvest as Lohri. On this festival, people rejoice together with their family and loved ones, lighting a bonfire. Many traditions go into Lohri celebrations, and people easily miss out on important things. 

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1. Black Til / Sesame Seeds

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It is believed that Lohri cannot be celebrated without black till or sesame seeds. According to mythology, it is believed that these black til comes from the religious body of Rishi Kashyap when he was meditating. People believe that these black til soak all the negativities and evoke the best in the people.

2. Goitha / Dried Cow Dung

We all know about the dried cow dung or Goitha. Yes, it is also counted among the holy things that are needed for the Lohri celebration. Cow dung is usually used as a fuel to burn the holy fire of Lohri. People start collecting sufficient goitha a few days before. And this practice of collecting Goitha is done not only in villages but also in cities. 

3. Wood / Lakdi

Wood is another very important thing that we need for a flawless Lohri celebration. You should collect a lot of wood so you can pull off a large scale Lohri. Gradually if you will get loads of wood, the longer it is going to stay and more people will be able to join in your Lohri celebration. So, make sure that you have enough wood for the 2020 Lohri celebration.

4. Rewari and Gajak

As per the old traditions, on Lohri children go door to door singing festive songs and spreading festive cheer. Every house that the kids would visit, people from that house will offer them some food items like Gajak, Chikki, and Rewari. The food items that are offered to the children are often regarded as ‘prasad’ for Lohri. We know you can relate this to Halloween…

5. Peanuts and Popcorn 

Traditionally it is believed that food items as Rewri, Gajak, Chikki, Peanuts, and Popcorn are thrown in the bonfire as an offering to appease the Gods and thank them for the great harvest. People also do this most likely because they like the crackling sound of them in the fire.

6. Gehu Ki Bali & Bajre Ki Phulliyan

It is believed that the most traditional offerings on Lohri are Bajre Ki Phulliyan and Gehu ki Bali. These are first roasted and then offered to the fire. This is another way of thanking God for the plentiful harvest and also pray for bounty. Not, only this but people also prepare these food items for meals.

7. Sugarcane / Ganna 

Last but not Least Sugarcane or Ganna is harvested in January and then it is offered to the fire for goodwill on Lohri. People bring some fresh sugarcane on Lohri to extract its juice and prepare ‘Kheer’. This practice is usually done in the north Indian state of Punjab. 

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