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Time to get up and plan a Monsoon Getaway!

Monsoon season apart from being relieving and rejuvenating also has a very romantic appeal to it One can’t just stay tied up in their everyday chores and watch the beautiful rain fade. When this season arrives it’s time to get up and plan something exciting- a weekend getaway with your friends or family.

Here, we present you some ideas to help you plan your next exciting getaway:

Kasauli, Himachal

The beauty of himachal during the monsoons resonates with many making it a bustling tourist destination. Its lush forests and natural fauna will leave you speechless in admiration. The serene environment of a hill station will leave you enthralled and calm your senses from your hard-pressed work routine. Trekking or mountain biking are some of the activities you can pursue amongst many others that will make your retreat a refreshing experience.

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 Goa is well known for its lively beaches and mouth watering cuisine indigenious only to the city itself. Its portugese influence is well preserved for those history buffs who love exploring a city. Sipping Feni as you gorge on the best Goan delicacies, make this such a favorable destination for tourists from across the world.  Accompanying the perfect beaches are also a range of activities to choose from such as water sports and famous local festivals. Goa also boasts many music festivals and a casino to satisfy all entertainment types.

Alleppey, Kerala

 What can be better than shuttling away to a retreat in God’s very own country, Kerala. Alleppey in Kerala, is an attraction that is loved by domestic and international travellers for their backwaters and ancient temples. Going for an invigorating boat ride in the backwaters or feasting on the local cuisine are some of the most popular activities in Alleppey. Alleppey is also the perfect city for someone to shut-off from the world, it offers peace and silence that can rejuvenate anyone to return to the city life.

Jodhpur, Jaipur or Udaipur, Rajasthan

Rajasthan as a state has so much to offer, along with its tradition rich royal culture and its age old cuisine, it also hosts tons of activities. One can visit royal palaces and try the famous laal/ jungle mass. You can also drive down to various palaces to experience living like a royal. With its well preserved traditions, rajasthan is the perfect state to feel mentally stimulated in the monsoon season.

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