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Top 10 Useful Door Gift Ideas for Your Event!!

Door gifts are intended for many and when it comes to buying them, the trouble gets bigger because instead of shopping for one person now you have to select and shop for a lot of people. But fret not as we are here with the amazing door gifts ideas and that are not even boring. Something that suits the occasion and will be interesting and most of all it is going to be useful and that too it will be in your budget.

In selecting a door gift, you can’t go wrong with sticking to the magic word – functionality. If your gift is something that makes your guest go “Ah, I’ll undoubtedly have a use for this”, then there are chances that you’ve already won them over. So here we have  10 useful door gift ideas for your event to choose from.

1. Business Card Holder

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Another practical door gift for any event. How embarrassing to not be able to find your business card in a wallet when needed. A business card holder specially designed for this can offer your visitors a refreshing escape from such awkward situations.

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2. Luggage Tags

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Want to gift something more colourful and fun within your tight budget? Well, then how about a fancy luggage tag? They come in different sizes, shapes and designs, not to mention, in delightful colours. A useful and cost-effective door gift indeed.

3. Passport Case

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Everyone needs some kind of a container to hold their important documents safe while travelling. How about meeting that very need and offer a dainty little passport case as a door gift? Your guests will value your gift as well as your thoughtfulness.

4. Photo Frame

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Photographs of our dear ones are closest to our heart. We all want to see them whenever we can whether at home or at a workplace. They provide motivation and make us feel loved. Gifting a beautiful photo-frame to keep on the desk is a gift anyone would appreciate.

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5. Pen Drive

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When you think about the usefulness of pen drive, you won’t have any doubt why this is one of the best door gifts, particularly at corporate events. Be it work or home, it is used by most and will be a valuable gift for any event. Though a little expensive, it is certainly well worth it.

6. Travel Bags

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Everyone needs them. A spacious little bag to put all your things together while you travel is something of a necessity in today’s mobile world. You can get them in many shapes, styles and designs. From handbags to shoe pouches, there are enough varieties for you to select from according to your event and budget.

7. Bottle Opener

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This is one item that has used in almost every household. Although one of the most inexpensive one and something that has the risk of looking a bit cheap, there are beautifully designed and attractive bottle openers or stoppers that can certainly make a lovely door gift.

8. Letter Opener

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Another wonderful gift is the letter opener that is a must-have for every home or office. Tearing away envelops clumsily can damage the documents inside. A letter opener does the job perfectly for you. They come in such wonderfully sleek designs and can be used as a decorative piece on a desk as well.

9. Key Chain

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One of the most common yet very useful gifts is a key chain. Losing a key can be extremely frustrating, particularly if it is of your car or a shelf or drawer with important documents in it. A key chain holds all of your important keys together helping you find the right key at the right time. They make a wonderful door gift and there are innumerable designs to choose from.

10. Gift Basket

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How about a wonderful treat of chocolates, toffees and sweets in a beautiful gift basket as a door gift? This is one gift that will be equally loved by kids and adults. You can get very attractive baskets of bamboo or cane, decorated with colourful and glittering papers and ribbons. A perfect gift for an informal event!

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