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5 Catering Tips for Your Company Dinner Party

Arranging a successful dinner party at your company is a challenging task. You need to plan well to make it a hit among all your colleagues and CEOs. Careful management of every aspect of the party is the key. Catering is one of the most important part of the dinner party and it is essential that you pay enough attention to the details of it. Following are 5 catering tips for your company dinner party that will fetch you a lot of admiration from everyone.

Find the Right Service

Don’t go for any available catering service to cut out the time. Begin your search well in advance when you have enough time to look for the best service you can find in your region. It is always good to find someone whom you have experienced before and are confident about for quality and timely service. If not sure, check with your colleagues or friends for recommendations. Go online and search for a good catering service. Make sure that the caterer has enough experiencing in handling dinner party orders in corporate settings. All this effort will pay rich dividends in future.

Check their Most Popular Dish

Every catering service boasts in having a signature dish that is uniquely their own. It is their unique selling proposition and people come to them for that particular food item. Make sure that you ask about every caterer you come across about their specialty and the kind of service they offer. The special dish is something around which the whole course will revolve. Find out what makes a particular caterer different from others. Take advantage of that specialty to please your guests.

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Sufficient Supply of Drinks

Drinks are as much a part of a dinner party as food is. Don’t ignore it or your guests will feel tired and dehydrated. Keep enough water handy whenever a guest needs it. Particularly if the climate is hot and dry, water will be indispensable and no other drink can ever replace it. Of course, there will be other drinks too including tea, coffee, various juices and spirits to keep the spirit of the event high. Plan for an average of three beverages per person.

Serve Good Appetizers

Offer variety in your food. Begin with appetizers to set the right mood and tone for the main course. It is ideal to serve as many as three to five appetizers per person. It is important to use appetizers that ignite the appetite and get the taste buds ready for the meal. Don’t use anything heavy that will be too filling as it will affect the meal. Choose appetizers that will compliment the main course and comfortably lead all guests towards it.

Check Cancellation Policy

This is important as many guests have the tendency to cancel their attendance at the very last moment. This can be costly if the catering service doesn’t have appropriate cancellation policy. There may be guests who might put some dietary request at the last hour and it can be difficult to arrange food to meet their needs. Caterers have different policies depending upon when you are requesting cancellation. Knowing it well ahead of time will help save time, effort and money.

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