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Unique And Best Rose Mehndi Designs For Brides And Bridesmaids

As important as a bride’s wedding outfit is, the bridal mehndi also holds immense significance and is an indispensable part of the occasion. The tradition of applying mehndi as a part of the wedding ritual is so important that an entire day is devoted to it, wherein the bride, the bridesmaids, and other family members get together and enjoy a fun-filled evening of music and dance while henna is being applied to their hands and legs, in exquisite patterns, colors, and intricately beautiful designs. Nowadays, rose mehndi is quite the charm. Let’s look at some unique rose mehndi designs as you gear up for this wedding season.

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1. Rose Mandalas

Rose Mandalas
P.C.- Henna By Tazaheen

While basic mandala patterns have been used a little too much in henna designs, a rose mandala is a creative take on combining rose patterns with an exterior lining of a mandala circle.

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2. Roses and Leaves

Roses and Leaves

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Another great rose mehndi design would be of combining a few rose flower and leaf shapes on the palm, with swirls in think strokes. The flowers could be represented as buds or in full bloom.

3. Rose and Lotus Motifs

P.C.- Hennabydivya

It is an exciting idea to combine rose and lotus flower motifs to create an exquisite looking mehndi design, especially if you want to create a fuller design to cover the entire palm.

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4. The Jaali Design

The Jaali Design

How about recreating the already familiar jaali design but with a rose flower inside it and a portrait of a bride within.

5. Rose Bordered Mehndi

Rose Bordered Mehndi

You can also opt for a mehndi design that can have any art of your choice while an intricate and thin rose border, lines the entire palm and fingers or at the tips of the fingers and edges of the wrist.

6. Rose Haath Phool

Rose Haath Phool

Resembling the haath phool, which is a piece of jewelry worn by the bride, is the rose haath phool design, wherein a rose is drawn using henna with a chain of henna petals and dots can be used to decorate the back of the hand.

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7. Rose Henna Band

Rose Henna Band
P.C.- Mehendibyhayat

This one is a classic design for decorating the wrist. Wide bands of lines, dots, and mango motif swirls are often used to line the wrist. You can also use rose motifs for wrist henna designs.

8. Minimalistic Rose Bel

Minimalistic Rose Bel
P.C.- The Henna House By Angela

Starting right from the edge of the nail, you can draw a single and simplistic bel of rose flowers and leaves till the wrist region. This is a beautiful and minimalistic henna design for the back of the hand.

9. Black and Brown Rose Henna

Black and Brown Rose Henna
P.C.- the allure in

You can also have fun mixing two shades of henna. Black and brown would be a good combination, with the roses done in one color and the rest of the design, like the chain, motifs, dots, etc. done in brown.

10. Traditional Arab Design

The bride and the bridesmaids can create their version of the classic Arab henna design, which is done to complement heavy wedding outfits usually. This intricate and complex jaal at the back of the hand can include rose motifs.

11. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
P.C.- Anastasia Vouk

If you are a bunch of cool bridesmaids, then you should get a rose henna tattoo, that is much simpler than a complex henna design and would be quickly done as well.

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12. Rose Patches

Rose Patches

If you love detailed mehndi designs then floral rose patches all over the palm will delight you and your squad.

13. Minimalistic Side Bel

Minimalistic Side Bel
P.C.- MehendiByThamanna

It is often tricky to finalize just the perfect henna design for the feet. The minimalist single side bel of rose flowers and leaves or just dots connecting the flowers, done on any one of the sides of each foot would look elegant.

14. Rose Stalk with Word 

Rose Stalk with Word 

How about a single stalk of rose with a flower in full bloom and your favorite word or phrase to accompany it?

15. Symmetrical Feet Design

Symmetrical Feet Design

Done in equal and similar halves is the beautiful symmetrical feet design, with half the rose petals on one foot and half on the other.

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