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What is the best menu for a Wedding?

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without some finger-licking delicacies. In the olden days, a Halwai and his staff would handle the whole food, but professional wedding caterers gradually took their kitchen position. These days, wedding venues buzz with the latest cuisine trends with worldwide dimensions and one-of-a-kind exhibitions. The new food format and unique international cuisines are excellent, but our Indian palates must be pleased with lip-smacking desi food from the streets of India.

Indian cuisine is one of the most incredible wedding dishes on the planet. In India, there are many different types of cuisine to choose from. Each state in India has its distinct flavour and cooking.

For example, Rajasthan has a spicy and savoury Rajasthani cuisine, whereas South India is known for its rice flour-based dishes such as idli and dosa. The possibilities are unlimited if you want to give your visitors the most mouth-watering dishes. Your wedding meal selection might include anything from North Indian to South Indian cuisines, Eastern Indian delicacies, and Western Indian cuisines.

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If you’re getting married in the middle of the summer, beverages are a must-have. They’ll keep your guests at a comfortable temperature. Here are some of the best cocktails to include on your wedding menu:

  • Gola (Mumbai ki Shaan)
  • Iced Tea (Of course!)
  • ​​Panna Aam (Nothing can beat this, it is one of the best and the most incredible drinks)
  • Cold coffee
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Lassi
  • Sarbat
  • Thandai
  • Nimbu Paani

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Snacks like Dahi Bhalle will make your visitors’ appetites grow stronger with each spoonful of creamy yogurt-rich bhallas. This rustic and funky street food is a terrific way to incorporate some antique and old memories into your wedding buffet. Another great example is Aloo ki Tikki!

In simple words, without the fabled aloo ki Tikki, every wedding would be incomplete. These little mashed potato tikkis are usually popular with foodies, especially vegetarians! Dilli ki Chaat will always get you a long line to get a piece. Dilli ki chaat is famous worldwide because it appeals to the taste like no other dish.

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With so many possibilities, Indian cuisine is one of the most excellent wedding dishes in the world. There is a range of meals that appeal to sure taste buds. To impress your visitors, keep various Indian and international foods on hand. The main course is what your visitors will remember the most about your menu. Four or five varieties of vegetables, curries, two types of rice (plain and veg rice), various types of bread, and two or three dals should all be included. Don’t forget to serve the naan and chapati with the main course. Make sure your main menu is culturally and geographically appropriate. Make sure the main dish is the heavier meal to satisfy your visitors. Another great option is the Primavera Pasta. This meal is a hit among kids. Pasta’s significant components are freshly chopped veggies. These are cooked till soft in a kettle of salted water while the pasta is boiling. The boiling pasta and veggies are then tossed with garlic and olive oil before being topped with grated cheese. This meal will undoubtedly earn you many admirers during your wedding. Butter Chicken – Let’s get some chicken right now. A wedding must have a chicken dish. It doesn’t get much better than this! Chicken is roasted in a Tandoor and served with buttery curry. Here you’ll find a variety of chicken marinade recipes and methods.

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Saving the best for the last, is the dessert. Indian desserts like Gulabjamun are required for Indian weddings. Khoya and Paneer are used to make Gulabjamun. They’re dipped in Sugar Syrup to get that coating and added sweetness. When you bite into a Gulab Jamun, you’ll notice how soft and delicious it is. Another one of the tastiest and juiciest treats at your event is piping hot jalebis. These have been popular on menus for a long time, and you simply cannot go wrong with this ever-popular sweet delicacy.

To sum up, following our suggestions will ensure that the menu you design is flawless and adequately presented, allowing your guests to enjoy the wedding and remember the cuisine for years to come. Best wishes for your wedding preparations!

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