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Why banquet halls are best for college reunion?

College reunions are marked by happiness and sadness – happy to move on in life but sad to leave behind friends and memories. Formal reunions are best celebrated at a party hall or a banquet space – indoor or outdoor – and become the right way to bid goodbye to the final batch of students leaving the college. This is why it is best to organize a college reunion at a banquet hall that is selected after properly considering different aspects.

Accessible Location

At a banquet hall that is easily accessible and located at a city center makes for a sensible decision. It becomes easy for college students to reach the venue, especially the ones who take local transport like bus, metro or the subway. So instead of organizing the event at the college auditorium or at an outdoor venue in the college campus it is best to have the event organized at a proper banquet venue.

Planning an Event?


Availability of space is the crucial element too. College reunions typically attract a huge crowd – obviously and hence the reunion needs a huge space so that there is enough room for everyone to move around. Also the right kind of space will allow for the right kind of event to be organized for example setup of stage backdrops, dance floors, chairs and tables, as well as a place for setting up the snacks counter, bar and dinner or lunch. The space at a college auditorium will be limited and therefore become a constraint for organizing a large-scale and properly organized reunion.


Banquet halls also have the right ambience which just needs a bit of touch-up in terms of decor and it would be ready for a major event of the college – the college reunion.

In-house amenities and services

  • A banquet hall will have a proper caterer on-board. So the only thing that would be required for the organizer or the college is to choose the appropriate cuisine and dishes from a pre-listed menu and it would be the most delectable meal and snacks that would be served at the party. At the college auditorium there would be the additional task of selecting the right caterer, choosing a servicing team with the additional responsibility of ensuring that everything goes the desired way.
  • A banquet space will have the right foods and beverages servicing team – so there would be no botheration about getting a contractor from the outside. Choosing the right servicing vendor is also a big hassle – the professional ones are too expensive and the ones that are available at low rates will probably do a bad job.
  • A banquet hall will have a professional housekeeping team to take care of the cleanliness and upkeep of the place. Again an issue that will not become the responsibility of the organizer or the college.
  • A banquet space will also be secured properly so the safety aspects of the students will be taken care of in the best possible manner. This will again assist the college and the organizer to focus on the main event and the final year students rather than running around helter-skelter to get things organized properly.

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