Did you know each day of the Valentine week is a Reason to celebrate? Valentine week starting from Feb 7 and commencing on Feb 15 provides an opportunity for lovers to express and celebrate love and affection.

Each day of the valentine week has its own magnificence:

  • 7 Feb Rose Day
  • 8 Feb Propose Day
  • 9 Feb Chocolate Day
  • 10 Feb Teddy Day
  • 11 Feb Promise Day
  • 12 Feb Kiss Day
  • 13 Feb Hug Day
  • 14 Feb Valentine’s Day

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Just after these mushy days, arrives the break up day:

  • 15 Feb Slap Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While generally watches, flowers, chocolates, perfumes, handbags, dresses, jewellery are associated with valentine’s day gifts for females, sunglasses, watches, bracelets, cufflinks, shirts, t-shirts, wallets, perfumes are good valentine’s day gifts for men. However, one should always keep in mind the taste and interests of the receiver while choosing a gift. What is a wonderful gift for someone might be gross for another. So, think before you buy, make or personalize a gift. A personalized photo-locket, photo-frame, a photo-collage accompanied by a lovely message would also make a wonderful gift for thoughtful and sentimental people. Get the gift wrapped beautifully and don’t forget to attach a lovely card with message with it.

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

To celebrate valentine’s day or any of the days in the week, plan a party with your friends, choose a great party place @venuelook and ask everyone to bring a partner (preferably, a romantic interest). Last, but not the least, rock n’ roll on the Dance floor! :)

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