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12+ Latest, Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2024!!

12+ Latest, Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2024!!

Diwali is just around the corner and everyone must be feeling the festive spirit in the air. Street stalls are full of beautiful diyas, decorative lights all around, and sweets of all kinds. A stroll around the residential colonies will please your eyes with the houses decorated with bright lights like a beautiful bride!
The festival of lights and joy is all set to sprinkle joy in the air. Diwali is a day when people light their homes with colourful lights, diyas, and other decorations. Beautiful rangoli designs are made, as it is believed that making rangoli design in front of the entrance door or at the puja room, signifies the welcoming of Goddess Laxmi and guests inside the house. This tradition of making rangoli designs started centuries ago. We believe that you must be also excited and searching for simple and amazing designs to make this Diwali then you are at the right place to check out some design ideas below. We’ve gathered some incredible rangoli designs to adorn your front door because, in India, auspicious occasions are incomplete without rangoli, which not only beautifies the home but also brings positivity into it.

1. Round Rangoli Design

Round Rangoli Design

Round rangoli designs are one of the favourite designs because of its simplicity. The muggulu is very colourful which is exactly what all rangoli’s should be.

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2. Lotus Rangoli Design

Lotus Rangoli Design

Lotus has been admired as a special flower and is used for decades to worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. In this design, you just have to draw a simple lotus with selected colours and decorate them with real diyas.

3. Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Design is one of the beautiful and easiest rangoli designs that you can make this year. The national bird of India definitely deserves to adorn the entrance of our homes, colours in peacock’s feather represent the colours of joy and inspiration.

4. Jai Ganesh Rangoli Design

Jai Ganesh Rangoli Design

Creating a Ganesha Rangoli Design this year at your home is going to be a nice idea as Lord Ganesh Ji is an important deity in Indian festivals. People love selecting Ganesh Ji for their Rangoli Designs. To make it look more adorable one can also place oil lamps or diyas inside the Rangoli to cut a bright picture.

5. Real Flowers Rangoli Design

Real Flowers Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs made from real flowers are very rare but yes they look beautiful. All you need is to get some beautiful roses and marigolds to create a beautiful design at home. Add some green leaves too for a complete and colourful effect. Put a Diya as the centre of attraction amidst the multiple coloured flower petals. As these designs are so colourful and attractive, they are simply perfect for Diwali and other religious functions.

6. Geometrical Shaped Rangoli Design

Geometrical Shaped Rangoli Design

Draw a circle and make pentagons in the circumference of the circle. Offset the inner circle to complete the simple rangoli. Not only it is easy but also gives a decent and pretty look to your house entrance. This design is mostly preferred where there is enough space.

7. Kundan Rangoli Design

Kundan Rangoli Design

People nowadays do not want to create a much mess during the festive season as they have enough of other works to give attention to then for those kinds of people here we have Kundan Rangoli Designs. There is an option of picking up a ready-made glass or wooden Rangoli with Kundan stones that just needs to be placed in a prescribed way to put out a beautiful design. It is simple, quick and really mess-free for people who wish to create a colourful entrance without spending too much time or energy on it.

8. Colorful Rangoli Design

Colorful Rangoli Design

People love going for floral patterns in their rangoli designs as floral patterns on Rangoli are easy to make. It is as simple that even a kid can try his/her hands to make a colourful and floral Rangoli design.

9. Swastika Rangoli Design

Swastika Rangoli Design

For Hindus, the swastika is the auspicious sign that is generally used in Rangoli designs and patterns as well. One does not have to think a lot for making the swastika sign as you can use it in the easiest way to make in any Rangoli or else Swastika sign can be in between of the Rangoli where it is easy for you to make.

10. Alpana Rangoli Design

Alpana Rangoli Design

Alpana Rangoli is simple and elegant designs that can give your house entrance a beautiful sophisticated look. It is a traditional Bengali form of rangoli and mostly practised in Bengal that is drawn out with the help of rice paste. If you are bored with that colourful rangoli then Alpana Rangoli Design is perfect for you as it only has a white colour.

11. Stencil Rangoli Design

Stencil Rangoli Design

People are nowadays busy in their hectic daily life schedule and do not get enough time to spend hours making Rangoli, so for those people here we have an easy way out. In this method, you just need to use a readymade stencil and your colourful rangoli will be ready. These stencils come in the form of rollers and boxes with different patterns like diyas, Ganesha, flowers, etc. One can easily make adorable rangoli designs by using stencils.

12. Floating Rangoli Design

Floating Rangoli Design

People are changing as well as their ways and trends are also. Floating Rangoli is a kind of a Rangoli design that is preferred by the modern and younger generations wherein the flower petals, diyas, floating candles that are easily available in the market are made to float in a large water bowl.

13. Sugarcane Rangoli Design for Harvest Season

Sugarcane Rangoli Design for Harvest Season

To welcome the harvest season, colourful Sugarcane rangoli designs are made as it depicts the harvest season.

14. Royal Purple Colour Rangoli Design

Royal Purple Colour Rangoli Design
P.C.- Shanthi Sridharan

Purple looks vibrant in rangoli it blends perfectly with the rangoli design.

15. Sunshine Rangoli Design Using Marigold Flowers

Sunshine Rangoli Design Using Marigold Flowers

The use of floral rangoli designs around pots is popular, and the results are still spectacular. Consider this photo of marigolds and a click-worthy piece of art.

16. Teardrop Rangoli Design on Staircase

Teardrop Rangoli Design on Staircase

Teardrop patterns, both small and large, would undoubtedly stand out. Making this simple teardrop design on each step will give you that awe-inspiring look.

17. Shades and Circles Rangoli Designs

Shades and Circles Rangoli Designs
P.C.- Shanthi Sridharan

Different shades of rangoli colour with circle designs blend immensely and look awesome and unique.

18. Simple Rangoli Border Designs

Simple Rangoli Border Designs

Border rangolis are a lovely alternative to full-fledged designs in the center of the board. They serve the dual purpose of making the house look festive while also saving time.

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