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18+ Indian Wedding Sweets To Drool Over

Indian weddings are the most lavish and elaborate weddings, with ceremonies that sometimes last seven days and where each day is more special than the last. Serving sweets is always considered good luck in India and no auspicious ceremony is ever complete without ‘mithai’. The best thing about desserts is that they immediately uplift your mood, be it a personal celebration or a festive occasion.

Sweets are one of the most important item(s) in a wedding catering menu. So, here are some unique and creative ways to present our traditional Indian sweets at your wedding!

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1. Fruit Cream Rice Kheer as Wedding Sweet

Turn the classic kheer into a fusion with dry fruits and cream to make it smoother and tastier. Present it in a fancy bowl according to the theme of the wedding.

2. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake as Wedding Sweet

This is the perfect combination of the traditional, all-time favourite Gulab jamun and modern cheesecake, that will definitely make mouths water. 

3. Jalebi and Kulfi Sundae as Wedding Sweet

Add kulfi, jalebi and falooda together and create an amazing new sundae with the most popular wedding sweets!

4. Halwa as Wedding Sweet

Halwa is the best thing to serve during the winters. Be it Gajar ka Halwa, Suji ka Halwa or Moong ki dal ka Halwa, it is the best way to ensure that your guests are not cold.

5. Chai Ice-cream as Wedding Sweet

Add an Indian twist to the ice-cream by adding tea extracts to spice it up and make sure to serve tea cake with it!

6. Burfi as Wedding Sweet

The milk burfi not only melts in your mouth, but also presents the opportunity to create different variants of it. Consider chocolate burfi, add a scope of ice-cream and you’re good to go!

7. Rasmalai as Wedding Sweet

Rasmalai is a royal sweet from the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent. It is a combination of sweet juice and malai, that makes for a perfect wedding dessert.

8. Rosogulla as Wedding Sweet

This is another famous sweet from West Bengal and is soft and mildly sweet. It is gaining popularity and many couples love serving this at their summer weddings.

9. Balushahi as Wedding Sweet

This is a Petha from Uttar Pradesh, dipped in sugar syrup. Balushahi is soft and flavorful and is a specialty of UP. 

10. Mysore Pak as Wedding Sweet

Mysore Pak is another sweet that is incredibly famous in Karnataka, made with butter and gram flour. It is topped off with a garnish of dry fruits and best served with tea at evening weddings.

11. Ghevar as Wedding Sweet

Ghevar is the royal Rajasthani Mithai served at Rajasthani Weddings. It is sweet, of course, and has a layer of dry fruits and kesar. It is gaining popularity among the other states of India too.

12. Shrikhand as Wedding Sweet

This is a Gujrati mithai that has many assorted flavours like mango, chocolate, elaichi, pista, kesar etc. It can also be personalized to your taste by adding or removing ingredients. People love serving this at Indian weddings.

13. Gur Paare as Wedding Sweet

This is very commonly seen at big fat Punjabi weddings; it is crispy and delicious and is also easy to eat. It is also given out as a wedding favour at the end of the wedding ceremonies.

14. Kaju Katri as Wedding Sweet

Kaju Katri is a delicious sweet made from ‘Kaju’ (cashew nuts) and quite literally melts in your mouth. You will hardly ever find someone who dislikes Kaju Katri. It is definitely the safest option to serve at a wedding since everyone loves it. 

15. Ladoo as Wedding Sweet

Besan ke ladoo, Motichur ke laddoo, or Aata laddoo, are well-loved and are a staple at Indian weddings or more festive occasions and are mostly given as a wedding favour. Who doesn’t love a fresh box of ladoos!

16. Malpua as Wedding Sweet

A traditional Indian sweet and the desi version of a pancake is a must-have and an impeccable part of Indian festivities. 

17. Khubani ka Meetha

It is a Hyderabadi sweet made from dried apricots and is a go-to dessert if you are looking for something unique to serve at your wedding. 

18. Bebinca as Wedding Sweet

This is a traditional mithai from Goa with a Portuguese twist. It is in the form of a pudding with about seven layers and is a famous delicacy in India. 

19. Basundi as Wedding Sweet

Basundi or more well known as Rabri is a Gujrati dish that can be served with Jalebi or Imarti

20. Cardamom Mawa Cake as Wedding Sweet

Forget the cheesecakes and chocolate cakes and try out this appetizing Mawa cake with cardamom flavour. Keep in your wedding dessert section, if you like.

21. Parfait with Chocolate Praline and Hazelnuts

This dessert, which consists of a velvety Parfait and a crunchy Praline, will make your guests drool over its rich flavours and texture.

22. Rose & Gulkand Kulfi

With its enticing appearance and rich, authentic taste, Rose and Gulkand Kulfi will transport you to the Nawabi era.

23. Strawberry Soufflé

On the big day, these delicate and fluffy strawberry soufflés are all you’ll need to dress up the tables and wow your visitors.

24. Sohan Halwa

Since the Mughal era, Sohan halwa, a caramelised pudding, has been among the favourite sweet in the Indian wedding.

25. Khaja

This is one of the crunchiest sweets, with layers that reveal themselves as one eats.


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