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Indian Bridal Hairstyle Ideas with Gajra

Bridal makeup is incomplete without a ‘Gajra’. It is considered auspicious to wear them during the wedding ceremonies. The sweet fragrance of flowers like Jasmine or Mogras makes the entire bridal aura more distinctive and pleasant.

Here we have curated some impressive ways in which brides can embrace the gajra in their bridal hairstyles! 

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1. A Layer of Gajra All Around the Donut Bun 

A layer of jasmine or mogras around the donut bun will be a crowning stroke. This is the perfect gajra hairstyle for that irresistible bridal look.

2. Tiny and Delicate Gajra Flowers Covering the Bun Completely 

Those tiny, delicate and lovely gajra flowers can be placed to cover the whole of the bun for that exquisite and stunning bridal look.

3. Criss-cross Gajra All Along the Braid

This gajra style is both classic and contemporary. Brides blessed with long hair can pull this gajra hairstyle like a rockstar. The criss-cross gajra all over the long hair will make the hair and the look of the bride more attractive and appealing.

4. The Layered Gajra Under the Bun 

Just a layer to have that stylish look. With this style, you indulge in the idea of incorporating gajra (as it is auspicious) without going full traditional. Gorgeous brides can opt for this style of gajra hairstyle.

5. Gajra layers with a magnificient Juda pin! 

The gajra layers with an add-on of a stunning and magnificent Juda-pin will give you that oomph factor. It will be the final flourish to the overall appearance of the bride.

6. The Hanging Mogra Gajra

The mogra flower is one of the most beautiful and fragrant amongst all. Its white petals are a tiny box of fragrance. Imagine the enchanting hanging mogra gajra on a bride’s hair… the entire aura will dazzle.

7. Floral Gajra with Layered Jewellery 

The beautiful gajra of roses or jasmine with a layer of jewellery is entirely a trendsetter. This gajra hairstyle is a delight for the fashionista bride.

8. Gajra Tucked in Open Hair

This is one of the easiest and most used ways to don a gajra in bridal hair. Make a half updo or just pin your hair as you want to, and then tuck the gajra in it. Simple!

9. A Full Multicolored Gajra

Nowadays, Gajra is also available in multicolours; you can easily find them in the market. You can choose to go for a single colour or add more than one colour to your look and flaunt it!

10. Side Gajra In Open Hair

You can also choose to leave your hair open and then add a string of gajras on one side securing it with an invisible bobby pin. Or you can also go for a messy half updo and pin up a string of gajras to your hair. You can choose to leave your hair on one side or at the back only.

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