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20 Brilliant Hair and Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

In this busy world, we all require fast and brilliant day to day hacks. Women being super busy during the morning hours hardly get time for themselves. So for all the women, here we bring some amazing hacks for your gorgeous hair and beautiful skin. These hacks will make your life much easy and overall will help you shine among the crowd.

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1. Cut Your Morning Shower Time in Half 

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Morning hours are hectic, we have less time in hand if there is an urgent need to shampoo your hair then here is the trick, Lather up the top of your head, run conditioner from the middle to the tips, then rinse out both at the same time as roots are where you need shampoo the most.

2. Speed Up the Air-Drying Process 

Generally drying the hair naturally is a blessing for hair, but if you are in a hurry then after shampoo, drying with a good brand of hair dryer does wonder. We like Nova hairdryer

3. Style Your Hair While You Sleep

This is the most brilliant beauty hack for the hair. Spray some dry shampoo on the hair roots before going to bed. It will absorb excess oil. In the morning, when you are awake, your hair will feel extra fresh and just a quick touch-up what you will need before heading out. We recommend Dove Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo

4. Focus on Your Brows 

Well-groomed eyebrows make your face look clean and bright. If any sparse area, then you can give the shape by using an eyebrow pencil. We suggest Maybelline New York’s Define & Blend Brow Pencil

5. Repurpose Office Supplies 

If an unpleasant sheen emerges when you’re at work, avoid the temptation to keep powdering your nose. Too much powder will start looking cakey quickly. It is a safer bet to gently blot away excess oil, and you do not even need fancy blotting paper. You can easily use toilet paper or kitchen paper napkins.

6. Avoid Mascara Smears for Good 

The trick for smudge-proof mascara, Place one directly behind your upper lashes or underneath your lower lashes when you apply mascara. 

7. Upgrade an Updo for Work

A hairstyle like having a ponytail, braids or an elegant bun will add the volume to the hair. Simply dust a root touch-up powder on your scalp. By doing this the hair will look full of volume. We suggest Madison Reed Root Touch Up Ombra Dark Brown

8. Give Yourself a Makeup-Free Makeover 

There’s no need to redo your makeup if your face starts looking tired. Your whole look is restored by the use of colourless hydrating balm. A little dab on the cheekbones, lids, and lips. You can try MILK MAKEUP Hydrating Oil Stick

9. Create Perfect Beach Waves While You Work Out 

After exercise if you not planning to wash your hair then no worries. Just spray this brilliant KMS HairPlay Sea Salt Spray. The hair will be rejuvenated and will give you a fresh look. KMS California HairPlay Sea Salt Spray is the one for you.

10. Stop Sweat-Induced Breakouts in Their Tracks 

Use a salicylic acid pad to clean your face before working out. The salicylic acid component helps exfoliate dead skin cells, clear pores and avoid trapped oil when you sweat. We suggest First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Blemish Patrol Pads

11. Keep That Ponytail Smooth All Day 

However, if you intend to leave home for the whole day, your ponytail may not remain in place as long as you want. A few hours after you’ve put your hair up, ponytails have a terrible habit of drooping, dropping or going undone. You can keep your ponytail in place all day with the correct products. Try Spritz Tresemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray

12. How to Protect Hair from Sweat Damage

Sweat’s salty composition will evaporate moisture from your hair, leaving the hair strands dry. Besides, the colour molecules often evaporate, fading your hair dye faster than expected. To overcome these apply a hair mask. You can opt for L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Treatment

13. Apply Foundation More Quickly

Squeeze a little drop on the back of your hand and apply on your face, blend with the tip of your finger, do the same over your lips, forehead and chin.

14. Go From Day to Night in One Step

Simply aim for a bold lip colour while bringing your makeup from day to night to strike up your look. Do not reapply the blush as extra blush will make your complexion look too red when combined with a bright lip.

15. Spruce Up Your Nails in Minutes 

Clean and lighten the nails by polishing them with a toothbrush and a dab of whitening toothpaste This works wonder if you don’t have time for a manicure. Your nails will look clean and shiny, can also apply hydrating cuticle oil.

16. Help Your Fragrance Last 

Apply an unscented lotion first. It will help the perfume last long on the body. The lotion will be absorbed by your pores, allowing the scent to break down more slowly and stay around longer so that you smell fantastic all night long. Try this Curel Fragrance-Free Lotion

17. Guarantee a Picture-Ready Complexion 

Choose your sunscreen and foundation wisely, do not apply foundation containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. They reflect light on camera. A little bronzer will work magic on your face.

18. Perfectly Pack Liquid Products


You can store your liquid products in clean and transparent bottles instead of carrying the whole bottles which tend to occupy a lot of space in your purse.

19. Banish Airplane Hair

Spray a leave-in conditioner before you board the plane. All it takes to help keep every look smooth and untangled is a little conditioner. We suggest 10 miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

20. Consolidate Your Makeup

What all you gorgeous ladies out there need is a multipurpose colour stick! This single product can add colour to your cheeks, lids, and lips. Go for Bite Beauty Multistick

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