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Gorgeous Winter Wedding Ideas!

The winter season is a wonderful and magical time to have your wedding! The weather is perfect, your hair doesn’t get frizzy and your make up stays put. It is the most romantic time of the year full of hot drinks and festive décor. It is the best time to celebrate the union of two families in a warm and cosy setting! Here are some amazing ideas to help you plan your special night.

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1. Plan a Theme Winter Wedding

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A winter wonderland theme would go best with the weather, add some foliage and candles to give it that cosy look and you are good to go! You can also add some beautiful sculptures to add the “fairytale” look. 

2. Winter Wedding Themed Picture Booths

Family and friends love getting pictures clicked on weddings, especially with the bride and the groom. You can always have a few themed picture booths like a canopy seating décor or an area full of fairy lights to make the evening even more magical! Add a little bit of fake snow to spice it up.

3. Beautiful Floral Decorations 

Winter is the best time to fulfil all your dream wedding ideas by making the venue beautiful and by adding flowers. They stay fresh and the fragrance is wonderful. Use diverse types of flowers to decorate various parts of the venue. The message board can also be decorated using colourful flowers and add a wintery look to it. The best flowers to use would be, Camelia, tulips, daffodils, sweet peas, and marigold. 

4. Have a Bonfire Area

It is never a bad idea to have a small area with a bonfire to keep your guests warm for the night. Decorate the area with small mattresses, pillows, and blankets. The area can also be used by the wedding couple to take a moment for themselves!

5. Have an Indie Boho Mehendi Setup

What better way to have a modern Indian wedding than having a designated boho themed mehndi area, make it colourful and use pastel colours to add a warm glow, play lively Bollywood songs and shake a leg!

6. Add Warm Wedding Favours

Since it will be a little chilly, you can give the guests some warm blankets or scarves in case someone did not anticipate the cold. It is important to keep the guests comfortable!

7. Have a Farmhouse Wedding

In case you plan to have a small gathering, you can plan your wedding at a small cosy farmhouse. You can have a fusion of traditional décor with modern décor. Add small bells, colourful Rajasthani puppets and small coloured Diya’s. Put up a beautiful floral arrangement and you will have the perfect venue for your special day!


1. Warm Beverages

Warm beverages are a must-have if you plan to have a winter wedding. Serves tea, coffee and hot cocoa with small muffins and cupcakes. This is a great combination to start your wedding with. 

To have a ‘desi’ alternative you can serve ‘kulhad chai’ with hot steaming pakoras!

2. Warm Snacks

Have an ‘angeethi’ or a small barbeque on the side to serve your guest delicious and warm snacks like kebabs. 

3. Hot Chocolate Bar

A hot chocolate bar is a great way to keep your guest warm and the little ones happy, have different choices to add as toppings for the hot chocolate!

4. Different Varieties Of Soups

Soups are a great idea for starters and are loved by everyone.

5. Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza is an amazing food item for any occasion and wood-fired pizza will stay fresh and crispy!


Wedding favours are small gifts given to the guest when they leave at the end of the night

1. Box Of Dried Fruits

A well-decorated box of dry fruits is always and appreciated wedding favour in our culture and everyone loves them.

2. Warm Scarves Or Stoles

Since it is a winter wedding, It would be a great idea to give out warm stoles, scarves or blankets.

3. Tea And Coffee Hampers 

Giving out tea and coffee hampers is always an amazing idea and never gets old!


1. “Make a Wish” Lanterns

What better way but to end the night by releasing beautiful lanterns into the night sky and making a wish! 

2. Music Request Box

Instead of going to the DJ to make music requests, the guests can simply write them on a piece of paper can put it in the box. It will be an efficient system.

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