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5+ Latest Hotel Trends To Keep Up With

Keeping up with the times is something every industry must do to sustain and grow. Hospitality sector too. With rapid technological advancements, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest trends and be up to date. As the future approaches, the hospitality sector is changing faster than ever before, with robotic assistance, focusing on environmental substantiality and globalization. Whether you are looking to start your own hotel, manage a business or are simply curious about the latest trends, you are in the right place! Below is a list of the top trends that are changing the face of the hotel industry –

1. Smart Rooms in Hotels

With the internet at their disposal, everyone wants everything as fast as possible. Therefore, many hotels have started offering an In-app concierge with twenty-four-hour room service and other amenities like extra bedding at the click of a button. This reduces the workforce requirements and accessing guest’s requests becomes faster and easier with reduced chances of human error.

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Portable streaming devices like the Amazon fire stick can be plugged into the USB port in the hotel room TV. This allows guests to carry their own tv shows and movies in their suitcases. Some hotels also have inbuilt platforms where a guest can log into their own streaming account, and it automatically gets logged out upon check-out.

2. Fitness Areas/Rooms in Hotels

Several guests prefer working out and keeping up with their fitness routines even while travelling. Hotels usually offer fitness or yoga rooms with all facilities like yoga, gym, spa, with professional trainers to deliver fitness-related services. Lately, hotels have also been offering a private fitness area in and around their rooms as well.

3. Hotel Lobby – Grab and Go

These are personalized markets for guests to get whatever they would like with a self-checkout service to save time. These save on staffing costs and help hotels compete with supermarkets and self-service restaurants.

Hotels prefer collecting data about the guests beforehand for a more tailored experience. With the help of new customer relationship management tools, the data collected from guests is uploaded into the cloud and used later to personalize the customer experience.

4. Television In Hotel Bathrooms

Modern Customers like to be occupied all the time. Hotels have recognized this and installed HD TVs in bathrooms as well, which lets the guests have a nice relaxing time with their favourite tv show on.

Another latest trend is tablet-based control, which lets the guests see restaurant hours, room service menus, spa services, and area recommendations on an in-room tablet that can also play music, control the room’s lights and temperature, and make special requests.

5. Latest Tech Use at Hotels

From hotel lobbies to hotel rooms, all areas are being equipped with the latest equipment and tech. Hotel lobbies use an HD screen display to give information about flight timings, the temperature, weather conditions, taxi services and tourist sites to visit nearby tourist spots. Some displays also have some sort of entertainment shows on to keep the guests busy while they wait, giving an amazing lobby experience.

Soundproofing technology and voice control technology are used in hotel rooms to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Soundproofing technology including soundproofed windows uses acoustic technology to minimize noise from traffic, aeroplanes, and loud music. Voice-activated controls like Alexa or Google home are being used to handle hotel specific requests like housekeeping, valet or even to control the brightness of the lights.

6. Smart Mirrors and Keyless Entry in Hotel Rooms

Smart mirrors combine TV screens and a guest room mirror. Guests can check the weather, watch the news, or request hotel services via the screen while shaving or brushing their teeth.

Keyless entry allows the elimination of a keypad or a card to access the room, by simply providing the guests with access and control of their rooms via an app that provides all other information as well. Guests can control every experience of the hotel through an app.

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