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Design or Upgrade Your Venue to An Unforgettable Event Space

Owing to the growing popularity of farm weddings and huge banquet halls, designers and architects around the world are constantly striving to up their game, to include the wow factor in their event spaces and amenities they offer, and why should you be left behind? Everyone wishes for an event venue that caters to their personal styles and customs. In today’s ever-changing landscape, event amenities hold a crucial part in making life’s big events impeccable.  While people may not be very different from each other, they all look for that unique bit to stand out and throwing extravagant events and parties are sometimes their way of portraying that uniqueness. 

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For all the aspiring designers and architects out there, this is a million-dollar opportunity. All you have to do is upgrade conventional and unconventional event spaces to unforgettable event facilities, inculcate that oomph factor, be it through high ceilings, royal sitting areas, vintage guest houses or unique flooring. Here are some unique ideas you can incorporate to make your event venue the quintessential backdrop of everyone’s small and big events. 

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1. The Acoustically Advantageous Timber 

High ceilings are an excellent addition if your event venue usually hosts a large gathering of people. For high ceilings, choose wood, in particular: timber. Apart from offering an aesthetic advantage, timber-framed structures have stronger, sound-dampening properties. This is ideal for all loud wedding functions and or a gathering of a large number of people. Timber, with its natural acoustic properties, prevents and controls excessive echoes. Also, as a building material, timber has more to offer than you’d think. Timber-framed structures provide the building with versatility, strength, support, durability and larger event space. It’s the perfect option for every aspect. 

2. Vintage Guest Houses

Guesthouses that boast off a vintage look can be a great add on to an event venue. Guests that travel from far and wide to attend the event will see it as a blessing in disguise. Make sure to hire staff to impress the arriving guests with their hospitality. This could bring in extra revenue to you during off-seasons as well.

3. Exclusive Flooring

An exclusive flooring could be your best shot at adding an aesthetic that will certainly become the talk of the town. The perfect complement to wooden ceilings does not have to be a wooden floor. Feel free to have a little fun. Mix and match to see what fits best and yet isn’t the most obvious option. For instance, stained-glass windows could surprisingly go extremely well with acid-etched concrete flooring or a rustic combo of hardwood floors with exposed brick walls. Wow the crowd with eccentric touches to the flooring at your venue.

4. Royal Sitting Rooms

Providing guests with a place to rest and feel at home before or after an event is perhaps the best idea to up the ante on your event venue. Give your sitting rooms a royal touch by including luxuries such as a foot spa, scented candles, chaise longues and more. They can be a blessing after or during long Indian wedding festivities. It could be the perfect addition at events where more guests than expected might turn up. With sitting rooms, you can never run out of space at an event. 

Adding these unique amenities to your designs can not only make your event venue stand out but can also pave the way for guests to use the spaces more creatively. This is one sure-shot way of making each event experience unique and memorable in its own way.

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