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Top 10 Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas

In everyone’s life, teachers play an important part and have a tremendous impact on what we learn and imbibe in our growing years. A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide. The best ones hold our hand, open our mind, and touch our heart. The contribution of teachers in our life cannot be ignored at all. When you find a teacher that inspires you, it is a wonderful idea to say thank you to them by giving him or her a token of your appreciation for the great job they are doing.

Teachers have always been celebrated and appreciated for their contribution towards the progress of a society. The universally accepted World Teacher’s Day falls on 5th October. In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th September which is also the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was the first vice-president of independent India.

This year due to the pandemic, all teachers have undergone a major change in how they teach and have given their best so that children can study even while they are stuck in their homes. So, if you are looking out for some unique gift ideas to greet and appreciate your teacher(s) this Teachers’ day, here are some teacher’s day gift ideas we have curated for you. Take your pick!

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1. Pen as Gift for Teachers

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A teacher is seldom seen without a pen. This year, gift your teacher(s) a pen. Check out those wooden pen cases too where you can engrave a message for your Guru. The pen could also be personalized with the name of your teacher and every time your teacher takes out that pen, a broad and bright smile will appear on his/her face.

2. Set of Candles as Gift for Teachers

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A candle is known as a symbol of light. We all agree to it that if your teacher(s) wouldn’t have been there in your life – there would have been darkness only. Just the way a candle evades away the darkness, your teachers also brought a light of hope, confidence, and passion inside you. Thus, a set of designer candles or fragrant colourful candles would complement the unique role of your teacher in your life.

3. Memory Book as Gift for Teachers

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All you need to do is simply gather all those pictures of school assembly, school picnic, museum day out, social project, school reunion, college reunion, tuition class excursion, science meets, etc. Now, use these photographs to prepare a memory book. You can name this book with a unique title like – Thank You For Teaching About Life. To make the cover of this book more interesting, you can also mention the years you studied under this teacher on the cover of this memory book. You can also write stories about those photographs on one side of this photo book too.

4. Refreshing Plants as Gift for Teachers

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We all were just a seed and when our teacher provided water, fertilizer, and sunlight timely and regularly, that’s how we grew up to become a beautiful and flourishing tree today. Isn’t it? This teachers’ day, show your love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude towards your teacher with a refreshing plant. There are stress-relieving plants, air-purifying plants, Feng Shui plants, Terrariums, Cacti, Succulents, Flowering Plants, etc. for you to choose something unique from, for your dearest teacher. You can also opt for the mesmerizing dish gardens too.

5. Keychain as Gift for Teachers

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There is no doubt that a good teacher can unlock the potential hidden in all of us to do great things. If you believe your teacher is such a person, this is an elegant way to let them know that you know and respect how important a role they’ve played in your life.

6. Chocolates as Gift for Teachers

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Chocolates are a timeless way to tell the people that matter in your life that they do matter. If your teacher has a sweet tooth, this is a little something they will love to bite into on Teachers’ Day.

7. Mug as Gift for Teachers

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Break the norms and appreciate your teachers for all the hard work that they do with you and for you by presenting them with a perfect coffee mug. You can even choose a personalised mug for them and get an emotional quote printed on it or may be their picture. Both ideas will work and make them feel special for sure.

8. Best Teacher Trophy as Gift for Teachers

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Everyone has a special teacher in their lives who is more than an inspiration. That teacher shapes the personality, hones the strengths, and imparts knowledge which changes the course of life forever. You also must have such a teacher whom you call “Hero” or “Mentor”, or “Guru”. This teachers’ day, get a trophy for best teacher for that amazing person because he/she truly deserves that.

9. Diary as Gift for Teachers

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Gifting a diary to your teacher is a perfect idea as it is useful for them to write down their important notes. How about a fancy, floral print, zodiac sign special, or a personalised notebook or diary? A diary/notebook where your teacher can narrate his/her thoughts, design the next exam paper, or keep a record of study materials, etc… You will find many options of smart and classy notebooks or diaries. Here is one!

10. Desk Organizer as Gift for Teachers

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A charming desk organizer can make a special gift for a teacher with our without personalizing it with the name and some words of gratitude for all of his/her encouragement.

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