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Safeguarding Hospitality Industry from COVID 19 – SOPs!

COVID 19 has impacted the Hotels & Restaurants industry big time.

The hospitality industry needs to fight the monstrous virus keeping in mind the guidelines and strict rules & regulations certified by WHO and local Government bodies. Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Banquets and all other event-hosting places need to take the following pledge and follow SHIELD:


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Disinfecting the Front Office

Proper steps of sanitization should be followed right from the arrival of the guest at the property until his/her departure from the property.

  • All staff members need to put on masks and gloves.
  • Staff members to greet the guest by folded hands without physical contact.
  • Temperature checks using an infra-red thermometer at the entrance should be mandatory. One spare thermometer and spare batteries to be kept handy at the entrance at all times.
  • Guests with a temperature exceeding 98.6 degrees F should be politely seated in a designated area and a doctor appointment/visit should be scheduled.
  • The security guard should offer sanitizer to all guests at the welcome entrance.
  • Any guest without a mask to be encouraged to purchase a packed mask from a designated counter. It should be mandatory for guests to wear masks at all times when in public areas of the property. Put signs for the same in all such areas.
  • The luggage of the guest needs to be disinfected. Bell boy to wear PPE gear and hand gloves while handling disinfected luggage.
  • Guest Arrival area must be disinfected every 1 hour.
  • Check-in formalities should be completed online to reduce contact.
  • Emergency contact numbers of local health care facilities, hotel doctor, ambulance, police etc. to be displayed at the reception and made readily available to all staff and guests over WhatsApp / email.
  • Minimize cash transactions. For exceptional cases, currency notes must be sanitized using UV treatment.
  • Place cotton swabs for guests to sanitize their phones and credit cards.
  • Sanitized keys to be handed to the guest. While receiving keys from guests also, sanitize the key and keep.
  • Elevators should be equipped with hand sanitizers. All possible touchpoints to be sanitized before and after use OR thrice daily. No. of maximum guests to ensure social distancing should be displayed strategically outside and within the elevators.

Disinfecting the Guest Room

  • Hygiene storage of all amenities should be ensured in the guest room.
  • All the curtains need to be disinfected daily.
  • Carpets, runners, cushions must be removed from the room.
  • Dustbins in the room must be cleaned thrice a day.
  • After the guest departs, pillows shall be washed, duvet to be tumbled dried, soft beddings to be sanitized thoroughly.

Disinfecting the Housekeeping and Public Spaces

  • Locker, Restrooms, Guardroom, Drivers’ room – all staff and common rooms need to be sanitized thrice a day.
  • Housekeeping staff must strictly follow the guidelines of sanitization. Room, bed linen, carpets, dustbin, towels, laundry etc. need to be properly disinfected.
  • The garden, portico, atrium areas need to be well disinfected thrice a day.

 Disinfecting the Kitchen

  • Operational Kitchens must be sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Disposable, single-use latex gloves should be worn and discarded in appropriate bins.
  • The entry point of Kitchen needs to have a foot-operated hand wash station.
  • A regular check of temperatures of the chef and other staff members in the kitchen should be done.
  • Store personnel should wear full body PPE kits.
  • Only authorized Kitchen personnel should be permitted to enter with proper uniforms, masks and head gears.

Disinfecting the Dining Hall, Banquet and Restaurant

Some important points to take into account for social distancing and proper sanitization of the dining area, banquets and restaurants are –

  • Distance between tables has to be increased.
  • At restaurants, the food menus must be choices of Table d’hote menus each day instead of a full a la carte menu.
  • After every batch, proper disinfection should be practised.
  • Sanitizers need to be placed at every table.
  • The Wash Basin needs to be sanitized every 15-30 minutes depending on usage frequency.
  • Masks, gloves and napkins need to be replaced every day for the waiters and chef.

Not instantly, but slowly the Hospitality Industry will regain its Charisma again!

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