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Top 10 Ways to Impress Event Planners with Hotel Inspection and Close More Deals

Hotel inspection represents a make or break moment between planners and hotel management. A Successful hotel inspection ensures a long-lasting relationship between the two and is increasingly becoming vital to buyers as every event booking is a direct result of a hotel inspection drive gone right. As hotel management, you need to be flexible enough to incorporate the how and what the buyer expects. Innovation and improvisation are the keys to staying on top of the business. For your first hotel inspection, we’ve listed the top ten ways you could expand your clientele and close more group deals. Read on to know more. 

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1. Asking the Right Questions

Planning an Event?

Communication is the key to win over big event deals. You need to be prepared with the right set of questions before the actual meeting. It is of utmost importance that there is transparency between you and the event planners in order to avoid unwanted situations. Asking for details about their events in advance would greatly help you achieve their expectations and to know your own limits or come up with creative solutions. If you find yourself unable to meet their expectations, it would be best to skip the meeting altogether. However, through this,  you’ll know what you’re dealing within the market and be prepared for future deals. You could prepare questions like:

  1. What kind of event is being organised?
  2. Expected timings and duration of the event?
  3. What kind of guests are they expecting?
  4. Will there be a need for a wheelchair accessible plan?
  5. Layout preferences?
  6. Food preferences?

2. Ask for Event Diagram

Clients might have pre-approved ideas with them that have worked in the past. Before the official visit, ask them if they have something in mind and ask for an event diagram. Set the layout of your visit according to that and assure them firsthand that you can accommodate their needs. 

3. Share Accurate Floor Plans 

 As Hotel management, when you provide floor plans that are accurate to the last inch, consider half your deal done. Through accurate floor plans, you provide your clients with an exact idea as to how their event will fit into place and hence assuring them that you are perfectly capable of meeting their expectations. If not set on a scale, your floor plans could end up disappointing the planners and make them look for other options. 

4. Get a Program Agenda

Usually, planners will have a program agenda with them. Knowing the flow of the event can help you plan the visit better manifolds. It could be the extra pointer to your site visit. If your team is aware of the program agenda, they’ll be able to showcase the site down to the most precise details. 

5. Be Flexible with the Time of the Meeting

It is always a good option to give potential clients a flexible meeting timeline. Let them know you are available to them whenever they are most comfortable but at the same time make sure to not let them get the feeling that you’re free as and whenever- be smart about it. Be ready to jump at every occasion that presents itself with the chance for you to show how adaptive you are. Gather knowledge about whether the client likes to visit the spaces during a live event or when it is vacant. Stay prepared and show the space at its best to convince the lead. 

6. Be Honest About Hidden Expenditure and Availability

To avoid unwanted situations and feuds, it’s best to let the planners know about the exact expenditure and availability of the space. It’s about creating a bond between hotel management and event planners that are based on trust and honesty. Even if the space isn’t ideal, your honesty might make a mark on your clients and make them want to look for another deal with you. 

7. Make a 3D Diagram that Gives them a Virtual Walkthrough the Actual Event

In this age of technology–in case you cannot physically alter the space–your next best option is a 3D diagram. With little to no expertise required, you can easily make a 3D diagram to give your client a virtual tour of the actual event. Showcase the best in the most adaptive way possible and impress your leads.

8. Set the Room Before the Visit and Train the Onsite Team 

This step is pretty crucial: as the client arrives space should be set up tailored to the planners’ agenda and needs. Start the tour by showcasing what you think they might be interested in the most. Apart from that, train your on-site team to tackle any and every question the planner might come up with. The ideal layout meeting a particular planner’s needs could be a great surprise for them when they arrive. 

9. Ensure that the Decision-Maker is Present on-site 

As hotel management, you should make sure you are in talks with the right representation from the other party. If you never get the opportunity to talk to the decision-maker right away: you could consider the deal almost lost. Be thorough about the event-planners’ decision-making process and train your sales team well, accordingly. Having only one contact from start till the very end is a deal-maker and it also keeps the process smooth. After all, who wouldn’t want the contract signed right away? 

10. Try to Close the Deal Right Away

Now that you’ve ensured all the above-mentioned pointers, the best way to end the day is to close the deal there and then. Keep the papers ready at all times. If you’re unprepared with the papers and expect the event planners to return another day to sign the contract, it could just end up ruining an almost perfect hotel inspection. Review the plan, edit it to suit the needs of the planners and voila! You’ve impressed your guests and scored yourself an amazing deal. 

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