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15 Ideas For Restaurant Promotion

If you have recently opened up a new restaurant, then you are at a crucial stage of marketing. You have to advertise your services, as it is a good way to get the attention of potential customers at an early stage of business. A well-thought-of promotion campaign conveys to your customers what all your restaurant has to offer. Here are 15 restaurant promotion ideas for you.

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1. Charity Event

Planning an Event?

One of the great ideas for promoting your newly inaugurated restaurant is to host a charity event. You can invite celebrities or influencers to the event, which would make it an attraction for people to attend. 

2. Launch Day

Another idea for restaurant promotion is hosting a proper launch. It could be a new item on the menu, or an entirely new menu as well. You could also host the launch for a new venue if you are expanding your restaurant. 

3. Personal Catering Service

If people like and appreciate your restaurant, they might want to hire you for a special event like a party or a more intimate event like a dinner for two. Offering personal catering services for such occasions would be a great idea.

4. Collaborate with Deliverers

If the pandemic has led to a decrease in the number of sales for your restaurant, then you can pair up with third-party delivery services and get back on track. 

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5. A Viral Reel

In the age of Instagram and Twitter, a viral reel or a post with just the right use of hashtags can make you reach your potential customers really quickly. 

6. Hire a Mini Food Truck

Food trucks are a hit idea. A mobile restaurant allows you to travel and promote your services.

7. Complimentary Drinks

Instead of simply sending invites or advertising via posters, add a complimentary drink to the invite. Or better give them a chance to choose a complimentary drink. This gives them a chance to look at your entire menu. 

8. Video Promotion

You can record a cooking lesson and add it to your restaurant’s socials page, or YouTube channel if you have one. 

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9. Encourage Posting Pictures With Tags

It is a good idea to encourage your customers to take good pictures of food and post them, tagging your restaurant’s socials in it. Create your own hashtags. Let your customers promote for  you on Instagram. 

10. Promote the Localness of Your Restaurant

A local memorabilia or stories from the community where your restaurant is, or stories related to a local dish that your restaurant serves, can make the visit a more memorable experience for your customers. 

11. Business Card Giveaways

While this might be a little old as a method, offering customers a chance to win a free meal or a free drink if they drop their business card or sign up their name, contact and email at your restaurant, is a great idea. You can add them to your email newsletter list or send them messages about offers and discounts, etc.

12. Host Themed Parties

Hosting themed parties from time to time, at your restaurant attracts more new customers, along with the regular ones. 

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13. Hire An Influencer

A very popular trend these days is pairing up with a food blogger or a micro influencer, someone who is passionate about documenting food, promote your restaurant in their own unique style.

14. Stay at the Top of Google Searches

Make sure you are aware of SEO tactics, or are investing in a few paid ads, as this keeps your restaurant on top of search engine results.

15. Ask for Reviews

While not all reviews might be positive, reviews are a great source of promotion, especially for hotels and restaurants. 

With these ideas at your disposal, you can promote your restaurant in interesting ways, using one or more of them.

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