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The minimalist trend has hit the table recently and people are loving it! Planning a wedding can be extremely hectic, looking for floral arrangements, seating charts, guest lists, caterers, bands, etc. there’s so much to plan and execute, it takes away from the actual underlying beauty of your wedding day at times and can be extremely overwhelming. Hence, came the ‘less is more approach; if you’re someone who appreciates the little things and wants a sweet and simple yet beautiful wedding, the minimalism approach has been made for you! Here are a few ideas you may want to cooperate into your elegant little farmhouse wedding. 

Set the Tone

If you’re planning on having a minimalist farmhouse wedding, you can start by setting the tone for the venue and décor. Choose neutral shades for the invitations and décor. You can add a variety of different textures to make the venue stand out, for example, use fresh greenery or metallic details to add personality to the décor while maintaining hues of a neutral earthy shade for class and elegance. Add small simple touches to the wedding, to create a thematic tone. 

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Minimal Décor

Instead of going all out on the décor, use small centerpieces, candles, and soft-toned table clothes to give a rustic chic look to the venue, or add some color with linens draped across the tables you would seat your guests at. You can also add unique crystals or glassware to enhance the look of your venue and add a few intentional details that personalize the place for you and your guests.

Aim for a Small Meaningful Ceremony

Instead of choosing heavy décor that might draw attention off of the lucky couple during the ceremony, go for meaningful yet minimal décor that will help tie the entire ceremony together. Carefully choose a selection of greenery, flowers, or fabric to create beautiful backdrops that add elegance and subtle accents to the ceremony. 

Choose Outfits Accordingly 

Choose outfits that match the theme of the wedding. Keep them simple, and graceful. Choose a gown or lehenga with minimal work and a light tone that gracefully drapes around you, and the groom may choose a suit that matches the light tone of the bride’s outfit. Avoid heavy makeup and jewelry sets, and try to keep it simple. 

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Make it Exclusive

The most important part of having a minimal wedding is also keeping the guest list to a minimum, so invite all your close friends and family and make the party exclusive. Fewer guests require less of almost everything- food, drinks, seating, centerpieces, and even a smaller venue. make it a cozy and comfortable affair. 

Go for Chic Wedding Invitations

Instead of opting for the big fancy wedding invitations, go for the contemporary and clean wedding invites, with all the necessary information about the wedding and the venue. To give the invitations a chic look, you can choose to print them out on high-quality acrylic paper. 

Opt for a Modest Venue

Most people, while thinking about a farmhouse wedding, choose huge venues and end up having lavish weddings with large crowds. To have a minimalist wedding, it would be better to go for a smaller venue, or even one with a larger lawn area and couples can consider the idea of an exquisite outdoor wedding, under the deep blue sky with magnificent views. 

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Amp up the Venue

As the décor at the venue will be kept simple, you can always amp things up with beautiful string lights, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Set the mood with delicate warm lighting. 

Choose a Light Nominal Menu

Usually, weddings end up having huge and lavish menus that keep the guests busy at all times. so, to go with the less is more theme, you can reduce the number of dishes as well as serve light airy food like salads, pasta, an assortment of bread, or fresh fruity desserts. The idea is to keep your guests engaged in the ceremony and let them enjoy the fresh unique food that you will be serving. 

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For A-Z of wedding planning and decorations, contact us at weddings.venuelook.com.

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