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5 Way to Make Children’s Day Special for Your Kid

One of the most awaited days of the year for a child in Children’s day. It is also known as ‘Bal Divas’ in India. It’s celebrated on 14th November, the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Children are so special; they truly are a God-given gift. They brighten up your day like no one else. It’s a joyous day to celebrate your child’s innocence.

Make sure you celebrate Children’s day with great gusto. Here are a few ways to make your child feel special on this special day.

1) Do a Craft Activity Together

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Kids absolutely adore colouring and painting. You can leverage that factor, engage in a creative bonding plan of a craft activity together, where both of you spend some quality time and have some fun. Become a child all over again and watch them unfurl into happy beings as you do an art activity together.

2) A Fun-Venture

You could take your child for a fun adventure, it could be trekking, camping, or even just a visit to the Arcade. Kids love it when parents stop being their usual self and let them indulge in activities that the kids adore. Loosen up a few strings and watch them as they enjoy.

3) Did Someone Just Say Party?

Throw a party where you invite all your kid’s friends. You could plan some fun games like hide and seek, basketball or even cricket. Kids love dancing, there is absolutely no doubt about that. You could also curate a playlist for all the kids to groove to. Check out Venuelook.com for some great venue options for a kickass Children’s Day party.

4) Movie Marathon

Kids love watching movies, build some classic memories that last, the ones which are the special by organizing a movie marathon for your kid, where you play their favourite movies like Harry Potter, Jumanji, Finding Nemo & others.

5) Amusement Park

There’s nothing better than watching your child smile. Surprise your children by taking them to an amusement park. Kids adore the shows and the rides. You can make it even special by buying them a special chocolate dessert.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to do your magic on this Children’s day by unleashing your inner child and making it a memorable one for your little one!

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