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6+ Tips For A Smooth Wedding Make Up Trial

As your wedding planning comes to an end, the time for looking everything over sets in. Just like you had a sample food tasting, overlooked the venue set up and had a fitting for your lehenga; going through a wedding makeup trial is just as essential. Going for a makeup trial will help you finalize your flawless look for the special day and it will also give you an opportunity to try out any new looks. Taking in suggestions given by your makeup artist regarding your outfit as well as your hairstyle will give you the confidence to go out there and own your day!

Although before starting your makeup trial, there are some key points to keep in mind:

1. What’s Your Style

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Most makeup artists will want to know your daily makeup routine and if you add anything extra for special occasions since they would want to work around that. They will ask for your opinion on your ideal wedding look and try different styles that suit your face accordingly. It is recommended to pay attention to details like your eye makeup, lip colour and foundation tone, as these are things that you would know the best for yourself. Try to finalize a look that is similar to your daily routine. After all, you want to look like the best version of yourself on your big day and not someone completely different!

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2. Keep Hairstyle in Mind

Your makeup artist will probably ask you about the hairstyle you are going with for the wedding and will choose a makeup look that goes with your hairstyle. We recommend informing your makeup artist when your hairstylist will be arriving on the day of the wedding since makeup is done after your hair is set. This will help your makeup artist give a perfect timeline leaving enough time for you to relax before your big day starts.

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3. Keep the Bridal Dress Ready 


Your bridal wear must be ready to slay the final look of this trial. This will offer you an edge in terms of overall appearance and will make you look like a goddess on your wedding day.

4. Define a Timeline

In case you want your photographer to click pictures of you getting ready, chalk out a timeline and provide it to your makeup artist so that your makeup doesn’t seem rushed. If you and your bridesmaids are getting ready together and using the same artist, we recommend informing them well in advance to be on time so that you get sufficient time with your makeup artist to achieve the look you desire.

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5. Hygiene is Must

Before the trial make sure you ask your makeup artist about their hygiene practices. They should use clean brushes, washed makeup sponges, disposable mascara wands, mixing palette for products and regularly sanitized makeup. Avoid going for an artist whose makeup looks unorganized or unhygienic.

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6. Choose Makeup Trail Tips sensibly

To finalize your makeup artist, post your trial, there should be a few basic points in your checklist. First, ask yourself if you felt satisfied during and after your trial. Are you happy with your final look? Was the artist’s behaviour professional and did they take all your opinions into account? Did they make you feel comfortable? And most importantly, did you have a good time?

To check the skills and knowledge of the artist, check whether your makeup is blended well and that there are no hard lines on your face. The foundation, blush, contour and eye make should be blended seamlessly. The base should look natural and match your complexion. Click pictures of yourself under natural as well as artificial light and ask your makeup artist to make changes accordingly. See how long your makeup lasts and if it suits your skin type. In case of any breakouts, inform your artist and ask them to change the products they used.

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7. Remember to Sign The Contract

The final step before choosing the makeup artist that is perfect for you is to get a written agreement with all costs mentioned in a proper manner. Every makeup artist has different charges for trial runs so we recommend confirming the same beforehand. The legal contract should include the date and time of the wedding, the fee charged by the staff in case your makeup artist has an assistant to help out. If there are any additional tools being used to do your makeup, these should be mentioned in the contract with extra charges. Lastly, confirm with your artist if you might need to provide travel and accommodation services to them for the course of the wedding.

8. Wear Your Makeup As Long As You Can!

Keep the bridal makeup trial till the last possible moment of the day. It’s crucial to examine how it holds up over time. Compare how it looks and feels from beginning to end! This gives you a good idea of how long your makeup will last on your wedding day.

9. Share the Feedback with the Makeup Artist

After putting on the makeup for almost a long period you will know the pros and cons, and every minute detail you can share with the makeup artist so that it can be rectified on the wedding day.


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