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7 DIY Pokemon Party Decoration Ideas and Supplies

A Pokémon master, Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old kid, along with his small group of friends, travels around the world to capture as many pocket monsters as he can. Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures. Pikachu’s nature is to store up electricity.

All kids and a lot of young adults from all over the world have played the Pokémon game to collect these cute pocket monsters with different strengths and weaknesses and have engaged in game battles to win / lose from their collection of Pokémons.

Here are some Pokémon Birthday party decoration items we have collated to make it easy for you to shop for 1 or more decorations for your kid’s Pokémon themed Birthday party. Go ahead, take a look and if you need more help we are here to take care of A-Z of Birthday and Event Planning for you at birthdays.venuelook.com and events.venuelook.com.

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1. Pokemon Happy Birthday Banner


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This Pokémon happy birthday banner is made of cardstock. It has a string on each end to tie.

2. Pokemon Foil Balloon Set

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Decorate your party with this pack of 3 Pokemon theme balloons. 1 pc of 24 inch Pokemon Shaped Foil balloon and 2 Pcs of 15 inch Pokemon ball Foil balloons.

3. Pokemon Blowouts

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Blowouts are noisemakers. These have a character stuck on them and come in a pack of 12. Blowouts are fun among kids in any birthday party.

4. Pokemon Theme Paper Gift Bags

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Package includes 16 party bags in 8 designs, each style is fun and will catch the child’s eye. Wherever they are placed, they are fantastic party decorations. Each party bag has the size of 8.0 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches. These Pikachu party bags are the perfect containers for candies, return gifts, etc. in Pokemon /Pikachu theme parties.

5. Pokemon Theme Cutout

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This Pokemon theme cut-out is made up of sun board. It is 2 feet in size.

6. Pokemon Theme Paper Flags Banner

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This party banner is made up of paper and is quite easy to hang.

7. Pikachu Hot Air Balloon – Hanging Paper Lantern

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Pre-cut pieces for easy assembly, sturdy and durable, made with thicker paper than other lanterns. With care, they won’t break when disassembling. Make Your Event Festive! Paper lanterns are so much fun and adds creativity to festive party decorations.

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