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Most Loved Bollywood Hits for Dance Frenzies at Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony is usually the kick-starter of most Indian weddings. It’s the function where Bride, groom and girls of all age groups (friends & relatives of the bride and groom) get henna artistry done on their hands. A lot of music & dance follows as Sangeet ceremony to make the pre-wedding celebrations memorable and fun for everyone.

Sometimes it is a day event with a brunch party, sometimes a post-lunch mehndi event that kicks in a fun evening with some blasting hits. Selection of music is crucial here. If the music is good, then the dance floor thumping starts to rhyme. All marriage events are incomplete without classic groovy songs. The playlist must include numbers that work as entertainment and stress busters. So here are some of the best Bollywood hits for dance frenzies to enjoy at a mehndi ceremony –

Mehndi Songs for Bride and her BFFs

Planning an Event?

Moving the feet in rhythm is a great thing. But with mehndi, and with BFFs, dancing adds another level of joy. The enjoyment of the party depends a lot on the selection of apt mehndi songs. Bollywood hits full of rhythm and energy are there for you, so no need to worry. Brides to be, and her BFFs can go for them. Ask your DJ wale babu to play these groovy numbers to kick start the show.

Chitiyan Kalaiyan (Roy)

A hot favourite for group dance performances, this song is a perfect fit to dance. If you can match the steps with Jacqueline, then there is nothing better than that. You can add your moves too. Ask your brigade to choreograph it nicely. And, inevitably, girls do create magic through their performance. Go for it, and rock the event!

London Thumakda (Queen)

The queen for the day can choose this song to perform with her besties. This one is perfect for rocking the floor with extra energy. The sequence of the movie and the occasion is also at par. So if you want to give a watt, don’t think twice. Take the song sung by magical voices and add your grace to it. The bride brigade will surely give complex to the groom. 

Mehndi songs – For Groom and his Boys

Mehndi party is incomplete without the steps of the groom and his boys. This fact can’t be neglected that the chemistry between boys and girls is very much needed to make the party a good one. But if the boys fail to select proper numbers, then the magic might be spoiled. Their selection should compel the girls to respond. You might have a look at our recommendations –

Mehndi Lagake Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge)

This is like an anthem for mehndi parties. Every man’s dream is to perform it for their fiancé. The banter involved in this song is perfect for charging up everyone at the party. The bride brigade can’t escape without responding to this one. Your performance will be electric involving all the guests. Just recapitulate the steps and perform them. Use confidence and charming attitude to win everyone over.

Mahi Ve (Kaal Ho Naa Ho)

Yes, shake your body with swag for your ‘Chand ka tukra.’ Indeed, she will be impressed. Once again, your friends and relatives will be involved to support you. Move your feet with the beats and make your performance worthy of cherishing for a lifetime. Excited? Show that in your performance. 

For Uncles and Aunts

Yes, the seniors! You never know, your uncles and aunts can steal all the appreciation once they get the right track for them. The best of the party night might come from them. You can use them as a caesura. After two back to back smashing dance hits your feet will need a little rest. This is the right time for uncles and aunts to step in with their dance moves. Choose some emotional yet enjoyable songs for them.

Gudiya re Gudiya (Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani)

Many versions of this song are there. Don’t take the sad one. A little rhythmical one is well to do. or you can merge the two. The slower one will shift the mood of the party to wet eyes. Please don’t allow this mood to continue for long. Play the faster one soon. With this music and some moves, create a mesmerizing effect.

Sasural Genda Phool (Delhi 6)

This can be the right choice for both the bride and the groom to perform with in-laws. You can involve many members together in this dance performance to create a great family moment. One must include some beautiful steps and then see what uncles and aunts can do alongside you. You will be spellbound.

For the Bride and the Groom

All guests at the party always look forward to seeing some fantabulous presentations from the show stoppers. It is the most delicate part of that night. Don’t take any slow romantic songs. But search for the ones which have some  spark in them. Try to create a fairy world of wonder through your chemistry.

Tenu Leke (Salaam-e-Ishq)

A boy is very much in love with a girl; wants her to be with him. The girl also wants to go to the ‘Sasural’ at the end of the song. So proposal and acceptance both things are there in this song. Just plan apt moves and present it as your love story. In the end, show a drawn heart with your marriage date.

Teri Ore (Singh Is King)

New age girls sometimes don’t like the concept of taking away. Then a simple surrendering love song can be the one to dance to. This melodious song is a hit song to perform on your mehndi night. Both bride and groom will accept that they are in love. Wear some designed costume and control the lighting and witness the effect.

Concluding Tips

We are sure these ideas will help you make your event a memorable one. Remember, there is nothing called ‘perfect’. You can add more songs as per the taste of the guests you have. It could be a mix of old and new Bollywood songs, with some regional or Hollywood songs thrown in to suit all age groups. After all, the idea is – to make the mehndi event a fun and memorable one for the bride, the groom, their families and all their guests.


If you think of some must-have songs in Mehndi ceremony, then please add them in the comment section. Also, share this blog post to your friends and relatives who are planning their marriage.

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