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Amazing Tips To Create The Perfect Wedding Favours!

Treat your guests to one of these fantastic wedding favours to show them how much you value their company! There are almost 100 options available as well. But choosing the one that suits best their personality is hard to find one! Are you looking for wedding favour ideas because you’ll be giving your guests gifts? They’re not only a cute way to express your gratitude and love for your guests, but they also serve as a lovely reminder of the most memorable day of your life. Read through this blog to find some really amazing tips to create the perfect wedding favours!

Favours is an age-old tradition in India

Giving wedding favours is a long-standing tradition in India. As far back as we can remember, wedding guests in India have always received boxes of candy as a favour. Additionally, in some instances, they received silver coins or even tiny god statues made of silver as gifts. No matter where you are from, couples who gave their guests wedding favours were viewed as lucky people spreading their luck to others. In Indian weddings, giving out wedding favours is still a common practice. Wedding favours come in a variety of forms and typically coordinate with the theme or season of the event, from personalised favours for bridesmaids to your standard edible wedding favours. 

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Choose Your Guest List Wisely

Your guest list should be your first priority when it comes to selecting favour for the wedding. What groups of people have been invited to your wedding? Are there also children here? After dividing the guests into groups based on age and relationship, you can begin designing wedding favours for each group. For kids, you could plan to give regular chocolates. You can count the number of your groomsmen and bridesmaids and give them each something more unique and personalised than your other guests. Additionally, you could perform two different kinds of favours: one for your immediate family and friends, and the other for the other guests, who could include distant relatives. 

Define Your Budget 

Once you make a firm guest list in advance. You can determine how much money to set aside for wedding favours based on the guest list. As well as knowing how many favours to purchase. The number of favours you need to prepare will be messed up if you don’t have the right number of guests on your guest list. After all, it’s not polite to do a favour for a select group of guests while ignoring others. So, before you start thinking about your wedding favours, always think about and adjust your guest list! Also, when you have a defined budget, you can easily plan the favours for your wedding day guests. 

Personalize Wedding Favours 

Put a special touch on the wedding favours for your guests. Wedding favours that are personalised are particularly dear to our hearts. Offering something your guests will actually use and enjoy is the secret to giving out a fantastic wedding favour. The options range from miniature wine cans and personalised honey jars to perfectly potted succulents. But the most well-liked items are typically those that are actually useful, like a candle or a deck of cards. 

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Chocolate Bar with Names

Keep it simple by giving your favourite chocolate bar to each guest. These chocolates can be in any flavour from chocolate to vanilla. They are perfect wedding favours packed in bulk boxes, and you can order customised bars with the bride and groom’s initials.

Delicious Cookies as Wedding Favours

These delicious cookies as wedding favours have a cute twist on them as if that weren’t already the best thing ever! They have the incredibly endearing shapes of a bride and groom and make it one of a kind. 

Small Succulent Plants with Customised Names

Small succulent plants in chic mini pots are the perfect way to start a trend for outstanding wedding favours. Use your handwriting to write the names of your guests or decorate the pots with your and your partner’s initials to satisfy your urge for wedding favours. 

Elegant Macarons

Treat your guests to some elegant pastel macarons, like these ones which look trendy, attractive and tasty too. You can select custom flavours and colours to match your wedding theme, and the macaron wedding favours come in boxes of two or three and are a perfect gift for the wedding favour.


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