Attractive Mehndi Design Ideas for Grooms

The very first thing that clicks in our mind when we talk about mehndi designs is an Indian Bride. But with the growing fashion trends in every aspect of Indian wedding traditions, even GROOMS have a wide range of mehndi motifs to choose from. Infact these attractive designs are also good for the whole groom’s squad, i.e. if they are game for the same.  If we go according to the Indian wedding traditions, mehendi for grooms was never an alien concept. It is an age-old ritual that was followed by our ancestors and our generation has lately gotten a hang of it. Modern grooms don’t shy away from painting their hands red with henna for the women they love! These boys’ mehndi designs range from traditional and minimal to modern and bold. Pick a groom mehndi design that perfectly matches your style and persona and show it to your mehndi artist for inspiration.

1. Floral Mehndi Motif Designs for Grooms

Flowers are an all-time favourite element in Indian Weddings. Be it wedding decor, mehendi for both the groom side and bride side or bridal outfits, flowers are just everywhere. Boys, now you too can get floral mehndi design applied on your palms without any hesitation. These beautiful floral motifs can either include just basic floral patterns or, they can also have an intricate pattern with beautiful branches and vines. 

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2. Mandala Mehendi Designs for Grooms

The mandala motifs look not merely traditional, but also chic. These pretty motifs look good on everyone – the groom, the bride and also their family members and friends who are attending the marriage ceremony. This mandala design is loved by most of the people as it comes without too many patterns and doesn’t cover up the whole palm. You can get this motif drawn in the middle of your palm. Make sure that you ask your mehendi artist to make the mandala bold so that it leaves a good coloured design.

3. Circular Patterned Mehendi Designs for Grooms

We all are aware that mehndi has a huge traditional significance in Indian weddings. Grooms in Asian countries are beginning to embrace mehndi designs in quirky styles for the occasion but male henna isn’t still a widely accepted art. If you are a groom or brother of the groom who is looking for a subtle and minimal design, embrace the simple elegance of a circle tikki design with striped overlay. Grooms can try this tikki design for both front and back of hands and add a series of dots to decorate fingers as well.

4. Classical Mehndi Designs for Grooms


Grooms’ mehndi designs are actually getting very elaborate and very complex all thanks to Ranbir Kapoor and his mehndi laden hands in the song “channa mereya”. Go for these classic traditional mehendo designs if you have the time and taste for them.

5. Geometric Palm Mehndi Designs for Grooms

This beautiful mehndi design style is for all the grooms who want to flaunt their stylish mehndi designs which aren’t very traditional and yet very elegant looking. Geometric and circular patterns blend well with men’s personalities so we can find a lot of Moroccan design inspiration for groom henna designs. These geometric palm henna mehndi designs for grooms are a nice blend of modernity and tradition. Leafy patterns add a nice touch of elegance and the triangle and square pattern on palm make it edgy and yet classy.

6. Tribal Mehndi Designs for Grooms

Looking for a sober mehndi design for dulha which is also very hatke? Have a look at this gorgeous tribal folk art inspired groom mehndi design which looks like a tattoo and leaves a lot of breathing space.

7. Caricature Mehndi Designs for Grooms

If you are looking for a unique design for your mehndi then this couple caricature mehendi design is perfect for your mehendi ceremony. This design involves drawing the bride’s face on the groom’s palm and can come in combination with other motifs like lines, vines and flowers. Alternatively, you can also try Dulha Dulhan mehndi design.

8. Circle and Dots Mehndi Designs for Grooms

The circle mandala designs are the most popular mehndi patterns as they are very easy to apply. Even men can try variations of this design as it makes for a gorgeous yet minimal male mehndi design. You don’t have to hire a mehndi artist for a design like this, just swap the normal round tikka for a checkered one and finish off with lots of dots around it.

9. Moroccan Inspired Mehndi Designs for Grooms

Mehndi is a way of reflecting your happiness and it is better when done elaborately on full hands. These print style hand mehndi designs for grooms is a perfect choice if you want something elaborate yet don’t want to veer into the feminine territory.

10. Arabic Mehndi Designs for Grooms

Arabic mehndi designs are a huge hit all over the world and even men can give these bold, elaborate patterns a try.

11. Heart Mehndi Designs for Grooms

And why not?! Mehndi designs for the groom are seeing lots of new trends and the one very rampant trend is flaunting mehndi on just half of the hand leaving the rest of it empty. Geometric patterned thick line henna is simple yet unique. The addition of simple hearts to a mehndi design gives a romantic touch perfect for an occasion like a wedding.

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