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Band Baaja Baaraat – How to choose your Wedding Planners!

If you haven’t guessed yet from the title, yes, this article is about looking for the perfect match for yourself. No! I don’t mean romantic partner wise. I mean, your perfect wedding planner match, after all your tastes should be well understood and catered to. Remember how in the movie, ‘Father of the bride’, the father initially really dislikes Franck Eggelhoffer, the wedding planner so very much, and the daughter and the mother love him? Oh, what a delight he is! At the end of the day, we all want a Franck! He stole the show. In the end, even the father comes to love him.

Now, the bigger question is “How do we know they are the ones?”, “How do we know they are our Anushka and Ranveer?”

Usually, it is a good idea to look at different options in the market, to get an idea of what all options are available within your budget, it also gives a whole new perspective to you about the various styles available. So, here are some of the signs to look for!

Planning an Event?

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1. Find a Good, Fitting Wedding Planner

The Right Fit!

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Planning a wedding is like prepping for a marathon, it’s going to take a lot of time. Endless discussions are going to be held, delicate intricacies will be laid out in front of the wedding planner – family dynamics, personal funds and other confidential topics.  The wedding forecasts begin here.

“ May the odds be forever in your favour.”

So, this needs to be somebody who matches your beats, understands your needs and requirements and is someone you are comfortable with and can trust enough to meet your needs. A good trick is to have a planner you would be friends with, even after your event is over, just like Franck. Now, you need to keep in mind that your ideas and vendor suggestions (if there are any) need to be taken into consideration as well, which is why this person/ team needs to be open and flexible to your suggestions, this could be one of the things which can be discussed before hiring the planner. The friendship tends to bring in that flexibility.

2. Find a responsible Wedding Planner

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

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Now, let’s face it, we are hiring someone so our work becomes easier right?! 

So, a wedding planner ought to and will take on most of your planning and execution responsibilities, to make your life simpler.

This is one of the major events in your life and once you are in it, planning the wedding is going to take over a whole lot of your time. Time will be spent deciding on what flowers and which colours to be used or narrowing down your wedding song choices, the bridal wear and all of that. In the middle of it all, you have to go to work and attend to other social obligations – there is a heavy chance you are going to feel your plate is full and there isn’t room for more. 

A wedding planner will free up some of that space for you and will allow someone else to take on the responsibility of planning your wedding. He or she will be able to attend meetings on your behalf, negotiate with vendors and other dealers and help finalize other details.

3. Wedding Planner and You should be on the same page

Laying Out the Cards Right – Requirements and Expectations!

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If a planner is truly honest and good at their job, they will from the beginning keep you on track and I mean with everything because they tend to have the experience, even if they are just starting out they know the ins and outs of the industry.

Sometimes, the truth can be harsh and you may not even like hearing it, and yet, I truly believe in being fully honest. A wedding from the beginning is to do with sentiments, but planning and execution require technical understanding and numbers, the planner should know the technicalities and how to speak in numbers and should do so from the starting line by not honey-coating the real cost.

It is pretty handy and helpful if you do a little research of your own and have an idea of the market costs for various items since that way you can know if the planner is being honest or not. Of course, they might charge you a little more than the market price for their service, but that amount shouldn’t be exorbitant

Besides that, a planner can help you stay on schedule, so you don’t have to deal with last-minute deadlines.

4. Choose a Wedding planner who does Systematic Planning and Execution

Unleash the Super Power – Organizing!

The best in this field tend to keep a list with records containing details from your initial meetings and track the work being done according to them by continuously bringing up these details throughout the entire process.

Your planner will schedule and keep everything in order, well organized and will send you a reminder before your scheduled appointments!

This individual(s) will be the point of contact for various vendors and all other people involved in setting up the event. 

Remember booking a vendor involves a ton of paperwork/emails etc. which need to be dealt with. 

Besides, they need to be checked upon constantly from time to time to make sure they remember and are preparing for your date with proper care. Going through that paperwork and following up on a frequent basis doesn’t have to be your job. 

A wedding planner has the ability to sift through the fine print and can communicate the terms and conditions to you easily since they have done this a zillion times as this is part of what they do.

In order to get this work done, your planner has to be assertive. I mean, after all, you want someone who can represent you, can get the job done in a knowledgeable manner and without being pushed around, right.

Which brings me to my next point.

5. Select and Book Your WEDDING PLANNER in Time

Yeah, Swipe Right, Select!

You know your planner is the right match for you when you are relaxed and enjoying the process of getting married, which you jolly well should. What I am trying to say is that the weight of planning should be completely off of your shoulders. 

You don’t want planning a wedding to get you to be feeling like you are under the weather. It has got to be all dreamy and happy with a tinge of drama, drama makes everything memorable :3 and if the planner is doing their job, this should surely be a piece of cake, with a few eggs broken here and there (haha, thanks to drama).

Perks of having the right wedding planner is that they usually know about the drama and have handled enough of it and so they are mostly calm under all this pressure and can deal with it, plus the pressure of getting married isn’t on them so it reduces the amount of pressure on you a little.

So, at the end of the whole event, it may even seem like your planner is like your best bud, your superstar. So go ahead and even say aloud if someone has saved the day or more like your wedding for that duration at least! The rest off course is on you.

All the best finding your Anushka and Ranveer! Have a blast with your wedding, hope this was helpful.

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