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7 Mind-Blowing Event Décor Ideas For Your Next Event

In order to ensure that an event is super successful and extremely memorable, an event demands a marvellous atmosphere and the courtesy of the apt decor. One can create an immersive experience by decorating the venue or even their own home by paying attention to the details and by being a wicked genius while setting up space. Just like a lot of venues or event spaces, the most decor is also available on rent. Besides that, it is also an ‘eco-friendly’ solution that is pretty ‘easy on the pocket’!

If you’re new to event planning and organizing, it can be a challenge to know where to start when it comes to decor. There was a time when hanging streamers and tying balloons to the backs of chairs was one of the most sought after décor! Styling landscape has changed quite a bit since then. Pinterest is a great place to get a sense of aesthetics and can give you a good pre-boost for setting up the location, it’s also a platform to keep you updated with the latest event design trends!

And, to give you a head start, we have also highlighted some awesome event decoration ideas that can help you take your event from “blah” to “wow”.

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1. Food Benches to create a unique Venue Style

I say “food is art” and that can be used to our advantage. We see it before we eat it! And when we see it, it calls to us, it enchants us with its fragrances and charms us with its beautiful colours! When displayed artistically and in an expressive manner, it can imprint a lasting impression on the attendees. Serving lip-smacking dishes is one thing and displaying it in a manner where it makes you drool is another, combine the two and VOILA!!! You have an exciting element to interest your audience! A crunch corner!

You could even create your own wall using a wooden panel and pegs. In India, most people avoid this and yet it is pretty popular abroad.

2. Wall Projections to create a Signature Wall

Projections are an amazing technique which is high-tech and a modern event decor solution! They are super eco-friendly and are ‘oh so perfect’ for small spaces. One can easily rent a small projector for a day. They are also an absolutely great set up for mind-boggling photoshoots. After all, when one is all decked up and enjoying, they ought to have great memories saved as photographs and videos!

Something which I personally like a whole lot about projections is that anything and everything is possible with projections and so one can create a whole new world with them or even recreate a theme with this modern device, Spiderman, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, you name it!

3. Plants for the Aesthetics

Flowers and plants add a whole new dimension to the atmosphere. Plus, that décor is so Instagram-worthy! They are soothing to the eyes and by themselves, they make for the perfect photo backdrop (Yes, PHOTOS EVERYWHERE!!!). They are especially ideal for those events where you want to publicize them on social media platforms (which is most events these days). You can adapt a colour scheme or go with a seasonal look and be tropical, wintery, or autumn-inspired (my personal favourite :3).


Who doesn’t love gifts and gift hampers! 

Even the sky isn’t the limit with all your experiments, your ingenious brain and all these fun ideas to up your event décor game.

Let your imagination fly high! Wrap up small goodies in attractive bags and use them as a part of your event decor.

Beautifully wrapped gifts on a table, hanging in a corner or on a multi-tiered table or stand can be used as part of the presentation too and that my friends is again an extremely smart way to brand yourself as well.

Secret giveaway works really well and it sneakily invokes the child in all of us! Oh, the excitement is back again! 

5. Light It UP UP UP!

Lighting is what actually sets the mood and it is what actually creates the ambience!

It’s an extremely important part of every event. I’d go ahead and say it can perhaps even be the first thing one needs to focus on!

The lighting set up of a place can fully overhaul and change the look and feel of the place. The type of event needs to be kept in mind while deciding the kind of lighting. Since the event matters a whole lot when it comes to deciding the lighting design.

For instance, if it is, let’s say, a conference where people may want to take notes and keep track of what’s being presented, there needs to be enough light in order for the attendees to be able to do so, and yet, space shouldn’t be too brightly lit that it acts as a distraction for the audience and can’t even set the presenter on stage apart from the audience. Now whether you decide to use 3-D projections or simple coloured lights, remember the impact they can have! They are what will add that extra punch to the overall ambience of your venue.

6. Chairs as a Functional, Decor Element

Remember musical chairs? I am sure you do. This tip is a little similar to that! We are going to get resourceful and think about how we can use chairs as a décor element at the event venue. Ever thought of doing that before? We all need chairs at an event, I mean yes! So, why don’t we arrange them smartly instead of following the same old boring way? Up the ante on event décor and choose multiple kinds of seating arrangements from couches, barstools to bean bag chairs. In fact, if you know your guests well and want a few ice breakers, name tag each spot for the individuals! (sometimes you can make frenemies this way too ;] )

7. Design Stage Platform Artistically

Occasionally, some events require a platform – a temporary stage per se. Let that imagination of yours run wild and set up this stage. A stage is the perfect example of an attention grabber! It works wonders when one needs to spotlight and emphasize certain moments to make them stand out. One can use dazzling and mesmerizing chattels as decorates or perhaps go ahead with those casual options as well, depending on the kind of atmosphere you intend on creating. In case you are looking for something very reasonably priced and an element of instant zest, you should definitely have a look at ‘modular staging ideas’. It is so versatile that it can blend in with the already existing stage or be used as a whole stage by itself at a stage-less venue!

I hope these few hacks got your brain running and gave you a boost with ideas to get started on your event venue decor! Event designing is after all the most quick-witted way of giving yourself that kick and thinking of the unorthodox!  There are endless styling options off course and it all depends on your budget, event type and the space available! Enjoy being creative about it!


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