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Wedding Vendors and 5 Elements Influencing their Prices!

Let’s face it, we all know there is a ton of information that goes into the pricing process of any product or service, especially those which need to be customized for every individual, in this case, for couples and their weddings! Glancing through wedding vendors and their quotes, working out and rethinking the budget for your wedding is part of the affair and the inevitable, one of the most tedious jobs to do while planning a wedding. Like I said, this is a highly customised service and in order for the vendor to provide you with a quote for your event, they are going to have to assess a ton of information and then they are going to have to understand your ideal celebration as accurately as possible because in this field there isn’t a one-price-fits-all offer on the table.

You see, there are a plethora of things that a wedding vendor takes into consideration before giving you an estimate and to give you an overview of those factors, here is a list of some of them.

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1. Wedding Invitation/ Guest list

The aggregate total of the number of guests you will be having over is one of the major elements influencing the quote of the vendors. For instance, the caterer needs to plan the number of courses which need to be served, manage the staff, arrange all the required ingredients etc. The florist may need to understand the number of tables which need to be decorated and not to mention the other zillion things which need to be taken care of depending on the size of the group attending the function. Similarly, the photographers and videographers need to take a call deciding whether they will be needing an assistant or will they be able to cover most of the guests themselves.

This is exactly why the group size impacts the price quote of each of the vendors.

2. The Wedding Venue or the Location

Now, if you are envisioning a destination wedding or even if the wedding venue is in the outskirts of the town, the vendors will immediately increase their prices. This is because they are going to have to set up a team which will be willing to travel across seas/ cities or even a few kilomteres to ensure your wedding goes as planned and this means no other clients for them for that particular weekend. In addition to that, they also need to cover travel, boarding and lodging and food costs for their crew.

3. Service and its Demand

This particular element matters reasonably when you opt to wed during the red week or as they call it the peak season. What I am basically implying here is due to the high demand in the market, there are others eyeing your vendor and what that means is that your vendor has his options wide open, it’s a buffet and (s)he gets to pick! So, if the vendor decides to choose you, they ought to be making a whole lot more from your offer in order to turn down the rest of them or you have just managed to establish a really good bond with them and that’s why they picked you (unlikely though, as it’s business after all. Haha!).

4. Wedding Venue Policies with Regards to Vendors

Most venues have their set of rules and restrictions that the vendor’s crew and the wedding party have to follow. Some venues have strict laws for the vendor to follow while others are relatively relaxed. Some venues may even command added insurance from the vendors, for example, the vendor may be asked to pay for the parking and certain other facilities, or there may be a few hidden costs which could get passed on from vendors to their clients.

5. Special Requests

Every wedding is unique since people are unique and have varied preferences. You would probably want a specific kind of décor or food that matches your taste buds and that usually tends to differ from what someone else may like! I mean it’s your wedding, like hello! So, you do you. The type of lighting or flowers perhaps again have to be something ‘you’ are fond of, and the quote, the pricing for all of that is going to vary. The costing may fluctuate depending on your preferences and it’s demand, however, most vendors tend to give a structured line-by-line guide of the prices for your requirements. So, in case you want to chop down something or if an element is exceeding your budget, you can easily cut those costs out. These are just a few factors which tend to impact a vendor’s quote for a wedding.

Hope this gave you some of the much-needed insights. Have a wonderful experience of planning your wedding!

To find the right wedding vendors, visit venuelook.com/vendors. For A-Z of wedding planning and decorations, contact us at weddings.venuelook.com.

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