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Five Unique Ways To Celebrate Birthday Online

Another birthday missed! Unfortunately, most of us have been missing the fun that we used to have on our birthdays. Let’s be honest, birthdays are special. No matter how old you get you will always want a special birthday. With the little surprises and cute decorations, birthdays are a source of pure joy. For many of us birthdays are a chance to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves with goodies we very well deserve! And if you are someone who likes to make every birthday a remarkable one, you must be having a hard time as we enter the third year of this never ending pandemic. This time don’t settle, have a special virtual birthday instead.

The question is how can you have a great online birthday?

 If you want to know more, keep scrolling! because I am going to give you five ways to have a fabulous online birthday.

 Host A Zoom Party

Planning an Event?

 Holding a good old zoom party can be a  birthday saver. Send out cute invitations, call up your friends and have a zoom birthday party. It’s easy to set up and convenient given the times that we live in. All your family members and friends no matter where they are can come together and spend some quality time together. You can host a zoom party as per your wishes, you can even make it more fun and engaging by playing games. On the other hand, if you are surprising someone with a birthday party, you can always go for a zoom party. Bring together a group of friends and craft a zoom party for the person who has their birthday.

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Set Up A Netflix Or Scener Party

 If you are someone who enjoys cozy movie nights. This one’s for you! Set up a Netflix party. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is download the chrome extension for Netflix party, create the party, copy the URL and send it to your friends. Voila! Now you and your friends can watch a movie together even if you guys are miles apart. You can also go for scener, it has both audio and video chat features. These are not the only options out there, you can also go for an amazon watch party, hotstar party or a discord stream. The point is if you or a friend of yours wants to have a movie night for their special day they can have it!

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Make Special Food Arrangements

 Sure, you can’t go to your favorite restaurant or cafe, but they sure can come to you! Order some amazing food, and if you are surprising someone order them their favorite food. With good food comes good mood, a birthday with fantastic food can’t go wrong. If you are treating someone, send them desserts and a savory cake. All this food will go well with either a zoom birthday or Netflix and chill birthday.

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Go For A Virtual Theme Party

 To make a virtual birthday bash even more tempting and fun, you can go for a theme party but virtual! Choose a fun theme, say you or your friend who has their birthday coming enjoy the Harry Potter series, you all can have a virtual Harry Potter themed birthday celebration. Dress up as the characters in the series, plan fun games around the theme, have gifts and other shenanigans that will make the birthday celebration remarkable.

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Have A Virtual Concert With Your Buddies

 Recently, people have come up with another alternative to concerts, ‘Virtual concerts’. Everyone misses being out there on a field or a stadium with a thousand strangers screaming songs on top of their lungs, dancing their hearts out!

Well, we can’t do that right now, so what we can do is have an online concert and dancing session. So, is a birthday coming up? Plan a concert and have a fun singing and dancing session with your loved ones.

Sure, it’s hard to celebrate birthdays in today’s times, but it’s not impossible. Be creative and have a fantastic online birthday celebration!

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