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Get Ready Like a Celebrity on Your Birthday!

Preparing for your milestone birthday and wishing for a celebrity appearance. We’ve got you covered here with the best celebrity-type looks for your special occasions, especially a birthday bash. There are some celebrity makeup moments you must have watched on Instagram and surely you would have double-tap before continuing to scroll. Then there is also those type of looks that make you want to tear out the photo and pin it to your wall so you can watch over it again and again. 

Inspiring Makeup Ideas for Your Birthday Party

These are some of the best inspiring ideas from that extraordinary work-of-a-makeup artist who works towards changing your looks to that of a celebrity. You may consider this article the celebrity makeup hall of Fame which has loads of party make-up ideas that give a look and feel of a celebrity. It’s packed with all the looks your heart could desire. It includes the newest takes on party makeup to the coolest new ways to wear eyeliner. What you can do is pin them on the wall, screenshot them on your phone or simply stare at them. Continue reading to see the best celebrity makeup looks that would fascinate you and love to wear on your birthday bash.

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Try Priyanka Chopra’s Metallic Red

If you have decided to wear a red colored dress then you can opt for blood-red make-up that goes well with your dress. With this birthday makeup look like superstar Priyanka Chopra, it’s time to add a splash of color preferably red that goes well with your dress. With a swipe of red, heavy kajal-rimmed eyes in golden, and a little mascara, you’re ready to paint the town…red! 

Apply metallic red eyeshadow 

Apply a metallic red eyeshadow to your eyelids on a golden shade base color. Then what you could do is blend it out to the inner and outer corners and balance either side. To create that pretty gradient, add a touch of a deeper red to the outer corners of the eyes if desired. Blend it all. Then again apply the same red color to your bottom lash line and soften it with a blending eyeshadow brush. Remember the eye shadow you use is a powder-free, creamy, and long-lasting eyeshadow palette that has everything your eyes require. You could use a red eyeliner pencil or kajal to line your eyes. 

Apply Red Eyeliner to Soften the Lines

If you are not a eyeshadow person then you can also go with red eyeliner. To soften any harsh lines, use the smudging brush. It is now available in most Kajal pencils. This will define your eyes and intensify the look. A smudge-proof lipstick especially a red-colored one with transfer-proof liquid lipstick with a matte finish works well for party make-ups. 

Red Lipstick to Complete the Look

The application of red lipstick with a matt finish gives a smooth, and highly pigmented application. The best part of applying this lipstick is that you won’t have to worry about your lips drying out during the party. This is because it contains moringa oil which moisturizes and keeps your lips soft and helps the colour stay for a long. 

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Get Anushka Sharma’s Subtle Sunshine Appearance

If you don’t want to go out with your eye makeup, you may try a wash of color! In this subtle sunshine birthday makeup look, highlight the features instead of the heavy makeup on the eyes. You may just highlight the features, keeping the look simple like Anushka Sharma. 

All You Need is a Pink, Coral, or Orange Eyeshadow 

The stunning star opted for make-up, which you can use as pink, coral, or orange eyeshadow to sweep across your eyelids. You can also use it to smoke out your lash line. This eyeshadow quad comes in a combination of matte and shimmer shadows and is ideal for any eye makeup enthusiast. 

Try Vitamin-rich and Long-lasting Makeup

The colors Anushka Sharma uses available in this make-up type are vitamin E-enriched, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. You may line your upper lash line with a fine liner. Make it precise and not overly dramatic to give a subtle look and feel. 

Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Stunning Looks

If you use liquid eyeliner then it has a wheel tip for easier application and a matte finish with an intense color payoff. Its application on the face produces continuous, non-skipping lines that are stunning. You may apply a small amount of highlighter to your cheekbones. Anushka Sharma’s make-up style will make you stand out and add a radiant and natural glow to your face.

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Tamanna Bhatia’s Rosy Dumpling Makeup Look

If you plan a birthday bash at the poolside, then this birthday makeup look of Tamanna Bhatia with rosy dumpling shades is ideal for spending the day at the beach or near a pool. It necessitates excellent skin preparation and products that will leave you with a natural and healthy glow. 

Apply a Nude Base for a Natural Look

Tamanna Bhatia has applied a nude base and maintains the natural look of your brows while filling in any gaps. Like her making light strokes with a natural brow pencil. This application will give your brows a natural-looking formula. 

Makeup that Lasts for More than 8 Hours

This type of makeup lasts up to 9 hours a day. Not just this, but it also has an intense color payoff in just one swipe. You can choose between a clear gloss and one with hints of shimmer for the lips. In any case, it’ll add a splash of color to your otherwise natural birthday makeup look and would be quite simple. 

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