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Pick a Cake Design that Fits the Birthday Event!

Every event provides a reason to smile, and some laughter that we enjoy with our loved ones, and we always begin such a celebration with dessert to commemorate a single cause for joy. These are usually cutting cake to make the occasion more memorable. This blog takes you through plentiful ideas that give a chain of thoughts to make your Special Day more special with unique cake ideas. Nowadays, cutting a cake simply does not give an impactful thought but the cake made with a source of imagination and creative ideas as per the requirement of the situation or need of an hour is more significant.

To make your search easier and more convenient for you, we have these imaginative birthdays and themed party cakes that will make your mouth watery as you imagine how delicious they taste. Plenty of unique cake suggestions will spark your creative side and perhaps inject a little bit of joy and sweetness into the atmosphere of theme birthday parties. The cake designs play a significant role in theme parties when it comes to enhancing the opulence of the celebration. When one talks about children with grown-up adults, their mouths begin to moisten.

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Number Cakes for Birthday

Whether you are a youngster or a grown-up, the charm of number cake will never be out of fashion. The number cakes are those unique cakes that have the number of years of celebration, mentioning the birthday year on the cake top. It is good especially when you are celebrating your milestone birthday. These are different styles of adding a number to the cake and it is highly recommended when you are celebrating your milestone birthday to make it memorable.

Aeroplane Design Cakes

If your kid enjoys scaling new heights, then this unique cake design is for you. This unique aeroplane cake, which perfectly captures your kids’ life’s ambitions will bring a smile and excitement on his face you have never seen before. The birthday cake shown above is tastefully covered in red sugar-coated and embellished with gum paste clouds representing spreading wings in the air. Of course, the adorable cake topper featuring a youngster flying off in his red jet plane is the main highlight. To make it more appealing and tempting, you can also add appropriate filling that can be used with a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake.

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Angry Birds Cake Design

If your child adores the video game and iconic characters like Angry Birds, this cake may be the ideal present ever for your young one! The two icons are presented after two of the most well-known birds from this series: Red for Terrance and Yellow for Chuck! You can make it from the base of dark chocolate below the fondant to balance out the sweetness. The chocolate taste with fondant letters is placed to make the name of the birthday boy or girl in these simple cake toppers.

Unicorn Lovers Cake Design

It still seems like unicorn fever won’t be going away anytime soon. Especially for young girls who are unicorn lovers. Here is an example of a unicorn towering cake depicting this fabled animal. The white fondant background is given a touch of fantasy by the buttercream lotus in pastel colours. We are swooning over the golden horn that gives life to your unicorn.

Cricket Lovers’ Cake Design

This uniquely designed cake was created especially for a die-hard cricket fan’s birthday! The cake’s green and blue fondant serves as a representation of the playing field, and the paste is also used to create balls, wickets, and stumps. The phrase “Not Out” is without a doubt the enjoyable component! You may make use of fondant carved letters on the board, wishing a happy birthday.

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Floral Birthday Cake Design

Our moods and celebrations are always brightened by flowers so how about having a flower cake for your parents or elderlies? This flower cake with buttercream blooms on this blue cake makes it appear too good to be true. The flower cakes’ exceptionally vivid blue colour is elegantly offset by pink, white, and blue flowers, conjuring images of a blossoming garden by a cool pond.

Fitness Freaks Cake Design

Want to surprise your brother, husband or father on his birthday, how about a fitness freak cake design for him? If he is a fitness freak and enjoys going to the gym, then he also deserves a piece of cake representing his passion! The most thoughtful gift you could possibly give your husband or father or brother is this cake with a gym theme. Red sugar paste is used to cover a one-tier cake, highlighting the creative cake toppers. In the picture above, a man is exercising at the gym while being surrounded by weights, barbells, a water bottle, and, hey, even an Adidas bag!

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