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How to Celebrate Fathers Day

It takes a lot to be a dad. Traditionally, fathers have had the image of being strict and veracious. They are the backbone of our family and make tireless efforts to keep things going strong for everyone in the family. Fathers are always guiding us to follow the right paths in life, pushing us towards achieving our dreams, lifting us up when things get difficult, fighting all odds with us, encouraging and celebrating all our achievements. To celebrate this special bond, we have Father’s Day to express our love and gratitude towards our beloved fathers.

Origin of Father’s Day

No one knows about the exact origin of this day, however, it is being said that the first Father’s Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington, by Sanora Smart Dodd. It was the year 1910.

The Father-child Bond

Fathers have always tried to instil strong character, discipline and chivalry in their children leading them by example. In earlier times, fathers’ sense of duty prevailed over expressing their love towards kids. With the millennial generation, things have changed and most of the fathers have started expressing their love and appreciation for their kids’ achievements openly. While girls look up to their fathers as heroes, older boys find a good friend-cum- advisor in their dads.

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Cherish the Day

Take a pause and think about the different ideas that can make this day memorable for you and your father. Appreciation, no matter how small it is, happens to be the most beautiful gift. We can appreciate the efforts of our fathers by making a hand-made card, or writing a thank you letter to him. We can pen down every quality we appreciate in our father and make his day by sharing our feelings and gratification.

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How to make it a memorable one

With so many different ideas, it sometimes gets difficult to select what all to do. But then, every father is an individual with different likes and dislikes. We’d suggest you to choose the celebration idea that your father would like. Here are some ideas –
plan a surprise party or go to a road trip; take a day off from your office and plan a vacation to your father’s favorite holiday destination; take him out shopping or order his gifts online. If you want it within a budget, organize a party with your family at your home keeping your dad’s favourite foods in mind.


On this day, ask your father to narrate good, memorable stories or learnings from their life. These golden memories will stay with you throughout your lives.

Gifts for Father’s Day

When it comes to gifting, it feels like having too many fishes in the pond. So many options and yet so much to ponder on. Nonetheless, if you want to stick with one idea, choosing a gift would not be much hectic. Think something different from ties, watches or wallets this time and keep in mind the likings of your father. Although anything gifted by you will be extremely close to his heart yet any handmade stuff will be alluring. If your father loves cooking which is least common (no offence!), go for a culinary book or if he is into technology, a good gadget would be a good option.

Here are some gift ideas: Ultimate Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!!


Now go and plan some happy moments for your Dad! Cheers 🙂

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