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Have a memorable first communion party for your child!

A first communion is an event celebrated by Christians in which the person receives their first Eucharist. It is usually celebrated between the ages of seven and thirteen and is a very joyous occasion for the child as well as his family. It is a very holy ceremony and is usually conducted in Church. The first communion ceremony is usually followed by a celebration in the form of a party.

Since it is one of the early events in the life of the child, it should be planned with a lot of care. The celebrations should remain afresh in everyone’s memory for years to come and should stand out as one of the most significant events in the kid’s life.


Planning an Event?

You can make this party a theme related one or can keep it simple and as per the liking of your child. Buy a special outfit for your child to wear on the occasion. At this age, the child begins to understand a lot of things and therefore it is important to throw a good first communion party, keeping your child’s likes into consideration. Some ideas that you can incorporate in this party –

Create a Theme

Come up with an interesting theme that matches the personality of your child and plan the entire party around it. The food, music, decor, and many more things can be planned to keep the theme in mind.

communion party

Make an Interesting Invite

Choose a good invitation card to invite all your child’s friends, your family and close ones. First communion invitation should be a formal one.

Invites for communion party

Invite all the Friends of Your Child

Make sure that you have a well-planned guest list and invite all the friends of your child to make this occasion even more special for him. A number of guests should not be more than what your booked party venue can accommodate.

Guests on communion party

Have a Good Decor

Get the party venue decorated beautifully for a pleasant experience and some great photos to last you a lifetime. If you are planning to go for a theme, make sure that the decor matches the theme. You can also incorporate interesting props in order to make the place look more joyful.

decoration on communion party

Get the Best Cake

Personalization is the key here! Make sure you get the best cake in town for your child on his special day. The cake should represent the theme or be based on the child’s personality or preferred sport/superhero/cartoon character to get him more excited about the event.

cake designs for communion party

Plan Interesting Games

Plan some fun games for kids so that they leave their gadgets, engage with each other and have a good time at the party.

games on communion party

Give Party Favours

You might like to give party favours to all the kids who come to the first communion party of your child as a token of thanks for attending the party. You can even plan to give desserts as we know that dessert is sure to get stuck in your mind for long.

communion party favours

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