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How to Choose The Right Bridal MakeUp – Quick Tips!

Makeup on the wedding day is one of the most happening and, for a lot of us, a fun part of the wedding. It’s also one of the countless decisions a bride has to make before one of her life-altering moments – her wedding!

Pick your look firstGlamorous, boho, edgy, natural, bold, vintage, classic? – the question is which one to go for?

All answers are right answers when it comes to such questions!

Planning an Event?

Most brides prefer to have a lot more makeup on this big day than they’d put on generally and this is because the entire day, the plethora of emotions, the sweat, everything is hard on the makeup, so the makeup’s got to make it through all of it.

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1. Pin Your look

Sometimes, picking your style can be overwhelming. A good trick is to find looks which call out to you. A really good platform to find looks which gravitate towards you is Pinterest and of course, Google is another one. Now that you have these, the next step is to examine all your saves / pins and see if there is something common in all of them – A certain blush, dewy skin, long lashes? Whatever it may be, understand and analyse them well, they are going to uncover your base and set the path for the look you want.

There are three key bridal looks which generally cover, well an enormous chunk of makeup variations:

A. The Natural and Softer Look

This is the kind which usually has a – medium coverage, neat and brushed eyebrows, dewy skin, nude or a lighter shade of pink lips, again peaches or a baby pinkish blush, natural and earthier tones – iridescent eyeshadow, false eyelashes which are not too long and give a more natural look with a light eyeliner and highlighted cheekbones.

B. The Vintage Look

P.C.- Richa Dave

This look has medium coverage, nude shade on the eyelids, a winked eyeliner with a shade of red lipstick on the lips, bolder eyebrows and a set of half or full false lashes.

C. The Glam Look

Here we go with heavy coverage, bronzer, smokey eyeshadow and liner, a false set of full lashes and bold brows, contoured cheekbones and your choice of lipstick.

2. Match your Make up to the Venue and Theme of the Wedding

If you have managed to already decide and close in on your venue and the (this is optional) theme, do give building your bridal beauty look a thought regarding how you can match or combine the two together. Your venue can act as a great provider for cues on the type of bridal look you should naturally end up picking – be it a beach, the mountains or even your own house!

Here’s an example: consider your wedding is happening on a beach, it’d be a great match for a dewy highlighter, a touch of bronzer, and a soft, pink lip. On the other hand, a vintage style wedding could match perfectly with a vibrant red lipstick and a bold cat-eye.

3. Match Your Make up to Your Wedding Dress


P.C.- Kulwant Singh

One of the easiest and most sought after way is to choose your bridal makeup look is to theme it as per your overall Wedding Dress – Saree, Suit, Gown or Lehnga.

4. A Signature Look?

P.C.- Hitched & Clicked

Are you lucky enough to have managed to figure out your signature look? Well then, go ahead take it a notch higher and go a little stronger, more bolder with all your makeup! And make sure it has a lasting impact on all your photographs.

5. Hire/Take Advice from a Professional MUA

Most people and families in India prefer hiring a professional and if you’ve done that too, feel free to ask your makeup artist for advice, we mean, after all, it’s your wedding day! And they are the experts, they know their work well.

Pro Tip: Most artists provide a trial consultation session, so get all glammed up and make use of this opportunity to ask them what may suit you best!


To have a touch-up kit with you on your wedding day, so you can, like the name suggests keeping touching up your make. That way it’ll last throughout the function!

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