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How to Organize Minion Themed Birthday Party

Minions are not only popular among kids but also have a bigger fan base amongst adults too. They are too cute to be hated or to be ignored. One cannot escape the magic of these cute and adorable minions and cheerfully fall in love with their crazy lingo and silly yet hilarious activities. With a growing love and madness for minions, people are joyfully organizing minion themed birthday parties for their kids. Here are some great ideas which will make your party dynamic and playful.

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What better way it would be than a minion inviting your guest for the party. Put on your creative glasses and with a little hard work and magic, one can find a lot many printable options of minion invitation cards, get the colour print outs and start sending out the invites.

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If it’s minion theme, yellow and blue color will rule the party. Do it yourself. Make big eyes, with and without spectacles with a happy yet mischievous smile on yellow balloons. Use yellow glace sheets to cover the doors and windows and use cut-outs of goggles to make the face. One can use stand-ups of different minions to make space look filled and animated.


Dress code

One may mention in the invitation about the dress code. The adults may come in a yellow and blue color outfit to make it color coordinated and kids may dress up as a minion.


Birthday Cake

With so many innovative and efficient bakers available, one can easily get a minion birthday cake made and it can be any scene from the movie. It is completely custom made and one can get as adventurous and creative as possible.



One can think of various fun activities for the party. It can a banana competition, or make your minion from the available art and craft stuff, sing and talk in minion language and expression. Such activities will make everyone rolling on the floor laughing.


Photo Corner

One can create a photo corner at the party. Such a corner would have some minions stand-ups with an empty space for the face. Kids can take a turn and can get clicked putting their faces on the empty space. It will fun and memorable for everyone. These pictures can be instant ones so that it can be given as return gift to everyone, kids and adults both.


Food & Crockery

Not only the cake every food item must be planned to keep the theme in mind. One can have mango or orange juices, served in minion plastic glasses. Marshmallows can also be used creatively, dipped in yellow-colored white chocolate and make the details using dark chocolate. Another piece of food attraction can be minion faced bananas. These all can be served in minion crockery.


Return Gifts

There is a variety of minion merchandise available in the market. Minion watches, stationery, colors, puppets, games, table and alarm clocks, etc. any of these can be given as return gifts packed in minion gift wrap and paper pouches.


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