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How to Throw a Baby Shower?

What is Baby Shower?

Traditionally, when a mother-to-be was expecting her first child, baby showers were thrown to pamper her with gifts and get her ready for the D-Day. Over the years, the concept has evolved in its own modern way, making it all the more worth-while and entertaining.

Who hosts the Baby Shower?

Planning an Event?

Depending on the country and culture, baby showers can be organized by women from the family or friends, sometimes, even colleagues of the mom-to-be. When it is women from the family, it is mostly the mother-in-law, who plans and throws the shower in the honor of the expecting mother. However, even sisters can set-up a baby shower. It is perfectly acceptable for more than one person to co-host the shower.

There can be more than one baby showers planned by different sets of hosts for different sets of guests like relatives, neighbors, friends, and colleagues at work.

The only one who should not be hosting a shower is expecting mom herself.

When to Throw a Baby Shower?

The best time to throw a Baby Shower is a month or two before the baby is expected to arrive. Choose a day that is most suitable for the expectant mother and the guests. Generally, Saturdays and Sundays are preferred by all.

Some people prefer a “welcome shower” for the baby, a few weeks after the arrival of the baby. In such a shower, guests can bring guests for the baby boy or girl. Some people consider it inauspicious to buy a gift for the baby before the birth of the baby.

Where to host a Baby Shower?

Depending on the budget and preferences, a baby shower can be hosted at:
– host’s home (lobby area, garden, backyard, rooftop)
– a park
– a favorite cafe/restaurant
– an area in local church/temple
– a banquet hall

Who to Invite for a Baby Shower?

The event can be a ladies-only event or a co-ed one; take your pick!
Draft the guest list that you have in mind, and then consult your co-hosts and the mom-to-be to make sure that you haven’t left anyone out.

If men are also coming for the event, it would be good to consider their preferences too while deciding the menu and the activities for the baby shower.

Baby Shower Invitations

Invitations can be as per the theme you select for the shower (duck-shaped, diaper-shaped, bottle-shaped, teddy-shaped, booties-shaped, and so on). Indicate the essential event details like Name of the mom-to-be, Date, time, place, theme (if any), directions, sex of the baby (if known) and name(s) of the host(s).

You can also save time, money and paper by sending online invitations for a baby shower. Click here and check some of the best e-invitations.

What to do in a Baby Shower?

Leaving enough time to greet and meet every guest, plan some interesting activities or games to engage and entertain the guests and the guest-of-honor. Play some baby tunes/jingles, or soft music in the background.

Baby Shower can be organized as a tea party, a brunch, a lunch or a dinner event. Plan a menu keeping in mind the tastes of the mom-to-be; the event can safely be an alcohol-free one if you want.

Some Baby Shower Themes

Alphabet Shower
Baby animals Shower
Baby Bird Shower
Beach Shower
Bling Shower
Books Shower
Brunch Shower
Bubbly Ducky Shower
Cartoon Character Shower
Circus Shower
Diapers Shower
Eco-friendly Shower
Flower Shower
Modern Shower
Number Shower
Polka-dot Shower
Scrapbook Shower
Stars and Moon Shower
Tea Party Shower

Personalize the baby shower theme as per the expecting mother’s tastes and preferences. Plan the Baby Shower in a way that it is comfortable and pleasant for the guest-of-honor. Although there are risks associated with Surprise parties, if you know the mom-to-be very well, go ahead make her day by throwing a Surprise Baby Shower for her! Cheers 🙂

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