The latest makeup trend these days for brides is 3D makeup and is also an option a number of celebrities are also choosing. You probably have questions like; what is 3D make-up, how is it different from any other form of makeup and is it the right choice for you?

We’re here to answer all your questions and help you decide whether or not 3D makeup is a trend fit for you!

What Exactly is 3D Makeup?

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3D makeup is basically a makeup technique that is being used by makeup artists these days, it highlights specific features of the face like the nose, cheekbones or even lips depending on which feature of the face the client would like to highlight, by pushing them into the limelight and by using different shades of makeup apart from the basic shade you might use for regular everyday makeup.

3D makeup works on the concept of light hitting your face at certain angles and points that highlight the desired features. This is achieved by using lighter and darker shades of makeup as compared to your skin tone. For example, the makeup artist would use light and dark shades of foundation on your face over the base that matches your original colour, to create shadows and highlights that would shed more attention on the curves of your face.

Apply a lighter shade of foundation on your forehead, cheekbones and chin, while applying a darker shade of foundation under the cheekbones to carve them out, helps to put more focus on these parts of the face. Similarly adding a little bit of foundation under your lower lip or around your nose gives the illusion of fuller lips and a pointier nose.

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Why is the 3D Makeup Technique Preferred Over Contouring?

We usually contour over our foundation, which makes the makeup look unnatural. When we use the 3D makeup technique, contouring is done using different shades of the foundation itself that makes the makeup easier to blend onto the face and give a more natural look and helps to accent different features of the face.

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Tips to Use 3D Makeup to Highlight Different Parts of Your Face


Lips: The lips can be accentuated using foundation, lipstick and lip liner.

Lipstick and lip liner: To create a plumping effect around your lips use a lip liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick you’ve chosen; this gives the lips a fuller look and makes them look neatly outlined.  you can also use the lip liner to colour in the corners of your mouth in case you choose to apply just one shade of lipstick.

It is advised to use darker shades of lipstick and lip liner on the outer corner of your mouth and lighter shades towards the centre of your lips, this helps to accent your lips and to make them appear full and plump. You can also use a shimmery gloss to add depth to the centre of your lips. Matte lipsticks are the go-to option to use in this technique.

Foundation: if your lips are dark or stained, you can use foundation to lighten them before applying lipstick or foundation also gives a clean base to apply lipstick over more evenly. To make your lips look fuller, apply the darker shade of foundation right under your bottom lip, and as you move towards your chin apply a lighter shade of foundation.

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Foundation– Apply a darker shade of foundation on your eyelids specifically on the inner part of the eye, while taking the foundation down to the tip of your nose. This will make your eyes look deep and give a shadow effect on your eye socket.

Eyeshadow: It is important to choose the right colour when it comes to picking an eyeshadow since not all of them give a 3D effect. It is better to use darker shades on the outside of your eyes while using lighter or shimmery shades on the inner corner and centre of your eyes. Don’t use shimmery eyeshadow on the crease and it might hamper your eye shape.

To complete the look, make sure you blend your eyeshadow properly and give it an even look. Apply winged eyeliner to add depth to your eyes as well as false eyelashes to tie everything together and your eyes will look beautiful!

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