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Retro Themed Birthday Party

Retro themed birthday party for teens & adults

Retro themes have, over the years become one of the most preferred themes for parties, especially birthdays. Feel like doing something different this year on your birthday – get into the retro mood – go back in time. Probably, the theme is so very popular because it gives us an opportunity to connect back with the past.

Planning a vintage inspired birthday party can get simple if done the proper way. The key to the solution lies in recreating or copying characteristics of the past and bygone decades. Hence, from defining the dressing style for guests to displaying products that remind of the past, organising a retro-theme party can be exciting if done with the right spirit. The disco-dancing to groovy music and those glittery crazy clothes of the 60s and 70s had taken the world by storm. So why not throw that perfect get-together for friends and family on your birthday next to reminisce the old times together!

Things to ensure when organising a retro-theme part for teens and adults

For Event Planning Trends

Invitation card

The first thing undoubtedly is the invitation card that will set the retro mood. Use colours, styles and phrases that were typical retro. Add the dazzling effect with lots of bright pastel colours, preferably the neon colour.



The next thing is to create the right ambience at the venue. Whether the decorations are planned by an event organizer or one does it all by himself, the crux of the matter is to create that perfect retro environment by using antique pieces like old sets of furniture from the 1960s and 1950s, artifacts from the 1990s and 1980s, pastel and neon colours that was so much in vogue in the last century. Some other things that can be used are brightly coloured flowers – natural or plastic; get hold of the antique gramaphone and if it is in a working condition that’s superb because some old records can be made to play in the background; disco lights and a rotating disco ball, spot and coloured lights, kaleidoscopes; the antique pendulum clock; create a dance floor for the disco dancers; hang some old records from the ceiling etc.



Play only classic hit songs from the past decades. Could be Hollywood or Bollywood film songs or even great composition from singers of yesteryears like KL Saigal, Suraiya, Begum Akhtar and others and international bands and artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.


The typical retro dresses include the famous bell-bottom pants and jeans, tie-and-dyed or polka-dotted shirts, high waisted jeans, the lacy gowns for women, the tunic, the pin-up dresses from the 50s and the flapper dresses from the 20s. Men could also try the suspenders or the Hippie-styled costumes.

Little vintage girls


Add few vintage dishes onto the menu. Serve some vintage cocktails to the guests like the Side Cars and Manhattan Martinis. The food layout and the servings could be made resplendent with the traditional styles and looks.
Games – the best dressed male and female could one good idea. The best disco dancer could be another one. Return gifts could include some nostalgic ones like the Rubik cubes, yo-yos or candy bars from yesteryear.


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