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Trending Mangalsutra Designs 2024!!

Mangalsutra is one of the most auspicious ornaments worn by the ladies and is symbolic of their marital status. The word Mangalsutra is coined with two Hindi words ‘mangal’ and ‘sutra’ that means ‘sacred thread’. Every Hindu woman love to wear mangalsutra as it depicts that she is married and is blessed with a husband. With the designers introducing new trends now and then, the exquisite combination of black and golden beads mostly recognise the decoration. There is a lot of variety of for brides when it comes mangalsutra designs as people love to ask for the add-ons like diamonds, names of the bridegroom, Kundan designs and so many other variations. So, if you are looking for some trendy designs for your mangalsutra then for you here we bring some of the latest and best mangalsutra designs which are undoubtedly adorable and breath-taking!

A Contemporary Mix of Gold and Diamonds

When it comes to the latest trend in mangalsutra designs, the perfect blend of gold and diamonds is what that pops up the first in our heads. This auspicious ornament looks great with diamond-studded motifs. Not only does it add bling to the mangalsutra but also makes it look stylish and using white and black pearls beautifies it more and makes it look unique.

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Personalized Design 

There is no doubt that personalization in Indian weddings has taken over like never before. Well, if you also want a personalized mangalsutra design that features your and your spouse’s name, then you must check out this one. 

A Straight Line Pendant for Stylish Feels

This mangalsutra design is perfect and is designed keeping in mind of those beautiful ladies who simply loves solitaries. This mangalsutra features an unusual straight-line pendant that consists of delicate diamond stones bordered with gold. We are sure that this unique mangalsutra will win you oodles of compliments. 

Pristine Pearls

For all the modern women a mangalsutra featuring pearls makes a classy combo and perfect for you. No doubt that this cutesy mangalsutra design is gush-worthy. But this particular design is sure to set some major trends for the ladies who do not want to opt for traditional golden mangalsutras. Most of the pearl mangalsutras are combines with black beads and gives a contagious look. These beautiful mangalsutra looks minimal but no doubt they are appealing in their own way. 

Latest Bracelet Mangalsutra

The new craze among the women is wearing Bracelet-style mangalsutra that no doubt deserves everyone’s attention. The auspicious black and gold beads are the main that makes the mangalsutra an auspicious thread. For all the modern-day brides who do not want to wear that cliche mangalsutra, then these simple and minimal bracelets and rings mangalsutra are for you that no doubt looks very classy.

Short Mangalsutra

Nowadays ladies usually want to opt for short mangalsutras. Along with short chains and tassel attachments, these jewellery look minimal yet very ravishing. No doubt that these are delicate ornaments, but look very exceptional and adds to your beauty. 

Gold Mangalsutra

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Priyanka Chopra wore this popular gold mangalsutra design that earned a lot of headlines. Mangalsutra that was worn by Priyanka Chopra is a true rooter of traditionalism, as it is a classic gold mangalsutra design with an attractive blend of dazzling diamonds. It was exclusively designed by none other than the famous Sabyasachi. 

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