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Ways to Engage Event Attendees

Everything is planned and ready to go. Tables are set, food looks delectable and decorations are in place. Now comes the part where you need to ensure that all the people at the event are having a good time and enjoying themselves. Unless there’s at least a small smile gracing everyone’s face by the end of it, your event wouldn’t be a complete success. So, to help you out, here are a few tips to help you ensure that the guests at your event are attentive and having a ball. Even if you choose to only follow a few of them, they are sure to bring engaging attendees your way.

1. Hands-On

Avoid opting for the go-to happy hour, instead pull out something more captivating and appealing like rolling sushis or tossing pizzas, into your next event. Having a stilted forced conversation while hobbling to find topics is always a downer at any gathering. Going with something that is more hands-on will make the atmosphere calmer because the conversation will flow easier.

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2. Introduce the Like-Minded Attendees to Each Other

The best way to build a connection between the clients you’ve invited who might not know each other is to engage them in conversation in such a way that their interests and thought processes are revealed. Once that is out of the way, people with similar mindsets or common interests are bound to gravitate towards each other. It’ll help them with networking with regard to other business opportunities while simultaneously making everyone feel a sense of comfort. There can also be different ways to go about it, you could choose a round table discussion or a fishbowl discussion. It helps generate ideas and helps the flow of the tete a tete.

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3. Ask Questions

Half of carrying a conversation is asking questions, the other half is answering them. If your event does not have any special activity planned to ensure the engagement of your attendees, asking question is the easiest way to keep the conversation going. Though it might sound like an obvious piece of advice, it is very efficient. If you have met them before, try to follow up from a past conversation, if not strike up a new one with questions about their current lifestyle.

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4. Socialize

In today’s day and age, your social media profile, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it showcases your personality to all your followers. Sharing their profiles, or photos from the event on their profile will help people open up to each other. Moreover, it provides an opportunity where the people who meet at the event can stay in touch even after the night wraps up. It can also help with creating connections for work and help in networking. Think up a unique hashtag for your event and get everyone to start posting as quickly as possible!

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5. Pick an Activity

Games or activities can make sure that the attendees at the event don’t have a single dull moment. Playing cards, jenga or even monopoly allows everyone the opportunity to engage in casual conversation that doesn’t have to be something as mundane as the weather. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is created encourages everyone to speak up and be themselves. Similarly, you could invite a comedy group to do an improv class, which would make the night take an unexpected yet fun turn. You could also consider hosting a trivia competition that could relate to your profession in some way or could just be something generic like pop culture. It might seem a little daunting but it does wonders to get the awkwardness out of the way.

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6. Some Friendly Competition

Most people tend to be somewhat competitive in nature. Igniting that competitiveness can create some excitement among the group. Competition would make your attendees want to participate and engage more. Meanwhile, it would also help them shed away their shyness. Incorporating games into your event builds anticipation among people attending and can even bring them together to cheer each other on. You could even have a giveaway for the winner of the competition.

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7. Learn Something New

Wine, beer or even cake tastings are a great way to keep the conversation going. People provide their input on the samples they are tasting, they tell you if they like or dislike the whiskey they are trying. Perhaps they share stories of their first time trying beer or adventures that were spurred on after a couple glasses of wine. It loosens up the setting, making it seem less constricting and enhances the quality of conversation. Once one of them sees another person sharing their stories, they bypass their own reservation to do the same.

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