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A wedding anniversary is the best occasion to gather all of your family, friends, and relatives. Apart from décor, music, dancing, and lighting, the most significant component of planning a party is the food. Everyone’s preferences must be respected, therefore you must ensure that no one is dissatisfied and that everyone has a pleasant evening. It’s time to get out those anniversary meal ideas and start making a romantic supper at home for your loved one and it’s that time of year when even the most undomesticated of us want to treat our sweetheart to a lovely meal. The only issue is that planning might be tricky! This is where we can help! So, make an excellent menu, add up dishes from Major cuisines, and get ready to arrange a fantastic wedding anniversary party.

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Main dishes

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The main meal takes up most of the evening. Include four or five vegetable kinds, curries, two types of rice (plain and veg rice), multiple types of bread, and two or three dals. Don’t forget to serve the main meal with naan and chapati. Make sure your primary menu is acceptable for the culture and location. Moreover, here is a list of foods to savour on your anniversary, whether with your significant other or the entire family.

  • Spaghetti with Mushroom Bolognese — This tasty vegetarian Bolognese combines three types of mushrooms, eggplants, and carrots.
  • Bruschetta — Toasty crostinis with tomatoes and olive oil are perfect for any occasion! Especially when there’s a whole tray of them to go around.
  • Chicken Wings — Are you looking for a massive platter of spicy chicken wings to serve at a gathering? Who among us does not consume meat? One of the most popular party meals is chicken wings.
  • Wedges of Loaded Potatoes – A fantastic accompaniment to a beautiful steak supper. The toppings on these loaded potato wedges are everyone’s guilty pleasures.
  • Pretzel Monkey Bread — Perfectly proportioned (and enjoyable to eat!). This monkey bread with a pretzel twist is sure to be a favourite.
  • Chicken with Lemon (Creme de la Crumb) – It’s hard to imagine this delectable meal is so nutritious. It’s also a fantastic anniversary gift for those who prefer something lighter.
  • Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta — Anything with butter is a winner in our book. As a result, you should totay give them a go.
  • Risotto — Risottos are becoming a staple at any wedding anniversary celebration. They have grown prevalent in addition to spaghetti. They are popular among individuals of various ages. They’re bland and light, which helps to balance off hot sensations.
  • Butter chicken— A chicken is a must-have at any party, whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration. What could be better than chicken grilled in a Tandoor with a buttery curry? Cloves, coriander, cinnamon, asafoetida, and cumin are used as garnishes, and spices like cloves, coriander, cinnamon, asafoetida, and cumin are utilised. To thicken the sauce, cashew paste is added.
  • Pizza — Nothing compares to a cheesy pizza.  It is a fast meal that everyone enjoys. You may select from numerous options, including tandoori chicken pizza, paneer pizza, and many others. At a gathering, a slice of pizza does wonders. The crunchy feeling sets all the mood right.

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While the main dish may seem like the trickiest part of panning a menu, the desserts are a load off! Who doesn’t love choosing which delicious dessert they should eat for the night. The following is an excellent list of options to choose from –

Fondue de chocolate — Any gathering would be incomplete without the presence of chocolate. Everyone likes it because it makes us weak in the knees. Bananas, brownies, cookies, apple slices, and waffles are melted with cheese and chocolate. They’ll also go well with your anniversary decorations.

  • Molten chocolate cake — There’s nothing like a warm, gooey lava cake to express “I love you.”
  • Macarons — These delectable sweets are available in a variety of colours and flavours. Look for a combination that will please everyone in your office.
  • Cookies baked from scratch — Anyone who eats chocolate chip cookies feels a sense of nostalgia. Personally, we believe that home-baked works best, especially if they are never stale. It demonstrates your love, and everyone understands that sharing is caring.
  • Brownie with a scoop of ice cream — The combination of a hot oven brownie with cooled vanilla ice cream and plenty of chocolate sauce is lethal. Among the other meals, this dish will be a show-stopper

Oy, oy, oy!  Now you see there are many scrumptious anniversary dinner dishes to choose from! We’re confident you’ll discover something delicious for your romantic meal at home. Happy Anniversary to you and your honey, and many more happy years together!

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